13 Types of Door Sweeps (How to Choose?)

There are five(5) main types of door sweeps: Magnetic, U-shaped Vinyl Sweep, Automatic Door Bottoms, Adhesive Backed and Interlocking sweep.

In this article, we’ll look at a total of 13 different types and I promise you that by the end of this article, you’ll be able to choose the one that’s best for you.

Doors are very crucial when it comes to soundproofing. Whether you are soundproofing a room or blocking cold winds entering the room, you’ll have to make sure that the door is sealed properly and there’s no gap or holes that could allow the sound or air to come inside.

different types of door sweeps

Sealing the sides of the door or the holes on the main body of the door is not a big deal but when it comes to blocking the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor, it gets a bit tricky because if it’s not done properly one could end up hindering the opening and closing movement of the door.

That’s why door sweeps are so important, they block the gap between the door and the floor and completely eliminate the airflow beneath the door. Also, by attaching to the door, the sweep moves along with the door whenever you open or close the door. So, there’s always a smooth door movement without any friction.

Types of Door Sweeps

There are different types of door sweeps available in the market, you can buy most of them on Amazon and you can also buy them in any nearby hardware stores. These are 13 types of door sweeps:

1. Self Adhesive Door Sweep

This door sweep is similar to the weather stripping seals and is very easy to install. You just need to cut the strip as per your door size and then peel off the backing film. Now just paste the sticky side at the bottom of the door.

Self Adhesive Door sweeps can work for all sizes and materials of doors including wood, glass, metal, plastic etc. These types of door sweeps are generally made of silicon like materials that are non-toxic and flexible.

self adhesive door sweep
self adhesive door sweep

You have to be extra careful while installing it because once the sticky side touches the door, repositioning the sweep might get messy. Also, if you’re trying to block the path of rats in your house then this is not the one for you.

The main issue with this type of sweep is that it might fall off with time if the sweep is undergoing some tension because of the friction created during the door’s movement. 

2. Flat Door Sweep

Flat door sweeps are traditional door sweeps, the installation is not as easy as Self Adhesive Door sweeps because you’ll need to install it using screws. This type of door sweep is perfect for commercial and residential uses. So, if any rat is troubling you or you want to block the airflow beneath the door this sweep might help you.

flat door sweep white colored

You can find a lot of brands selling these flat sweeps and you can find some colour variants as well.

3.  Door Draft Stopper

Many people confuse door draft stoppers with door sweeps, but they are not the same. Yes, both of them serve the same purpose of soundproofing the door and eliminating the airflow, but there’s a slight difference. 

Door Draft stoppers do not attach to the door, instead, we just put them under the door. It’s just like putting a rug under the door to fill in the gap. These draft stoppers are very easy to install, just slide them under the door and you’re done. 

Door draft stopper image

Unlike door sweeps, draft stoppers cover the door from both sides (i.e. inside and outside) so you will have double protection. They are easily detachable and you can wash them whenever they get dirty. Moreover, you will get multiple color options for these draft blockers.

Also, you can cut it if you want to use it for small size doors, but save the pieces you cut as you might need to use the same for larger doors in future.

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4. Self Adhesive Door Draft Stopper

This door draft stopper is similar to the self-adhesive door sweep, you just need to tear off the adhesive seal and simply install it by pasting it on the door. You won’t get double-sided protection here and once it’s installed you cannot take it off for machine washing or cleaning. 

self adhesive door draft blocker

The adhesive used in these products are quite powerful, so be careful while installing them.

5. Double Layer Self Adhesive Sweep

This sweep is similar to a flat door sweep but you get two rubber layers instead of one. The one I’ve shown below is an aluminium body sweep which is very strong for blocking noise, heat and even rats entering beneath the door.

Double layer sweep image

For installing, just peel off the adhesive side and put it on the door. You also get a small pack of screws for installation but it’s recommended to use screws only when the surface is uneven.

6. Brush Door Sweep

The only difference between a regular flat door sweep and a brush door sweep is the brush portion used for sweeping in this sweep. 

brush door sweep

Before buying make sure you check the material it’s made of, especially,  the brush portion should be made of high-quality material. Or you can check out the one I have shown above. 

7. Double Bubble Door Sweep

These types of door sweeps are specially made for exterior doors but that doesn’t mean you cannot use them for interior doors. For installation, the process is pretty traditional using screws and holes.

double bubble door sweep

The one I have shown above comes with a drip cap that draws the water falling on the door away from the entrance. Also, it has a double bubble fin-like structure as the main sweeping part.

8. Fins Sweep

This one is similar to the previous one but it only has fins and doesn’t have bubbles. The fins are about ½ inches in size and they work perfectly with most of the doors. The fin sweep is very easy to install because it has a channel that holds the bottom of the door tightly.

fin sweep image

9. Drip Cap Door Bottom 

The sweeping part of this sweep or the seal makes this sweep quite an interesting pick. This sweep is designed for keeping out dust, drafts, insects and rodents. You can attach it to the door using screws and it works on old as well as new doors. 

drip cap door bottom image

Make sure the sweeping part is not deformed while you purchase this sweep, otherwise it would be useless.

10. Shower Door Bottom Sweep

This sweep is designed for ½ ‘’ glass doors, you cannot use this sweep for any other door. For installation, it comes with a drip rail that allows easy installation. As the name suggests, the shower door bottom sweep is designed for preventing the water from leaving the shower room. 

shower door sweep

You can cut it as per the size of your door using a sharp knife or a blade.

11. Under Door Draft Stopper

You won’t even see this draft stopper once it’s installed. It’s a semi-circular structural door draft stopper that goes under the door and is capable of eliminating sound, blocks the exchange of hot and cold air.

under door draft blocker

This seal is capable of blocking 3-13 mm of gaps and it’s very easy to install. Be careful, while installing this sweep.

12. Brush Weather Stripping

brush weather stripping

You can say it’s a brother of regular weatherstripping, it comes with a brush-like material. Since it’s weather stripping, it’s self-adhesive and you can use it for multiple applications like sealing doors, windows or Cabinets.

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13. U Shape +O Ring Combination

This type of sweep is designed for garage doors with flat bottoms, it can be used in many other places like the edge of the gates or entry doors.  It’s a windproof, waterproof, and dustproof seal that also helps in pest control. 

u shape door sweep

In the whole kit, you’ll get five 40’’ long aluminium gate rails, a 16.6-feet long “O” ring shape design weather seal, 2 rubber stoppers and a pack of screws.

How to choose a door sweep?

So, these were 13 types of door sweeps I could find for you, there could be many others so I will keep updating this post as soon as I find a new one. For now, let’s see how you can choose the door sweep for yourself, obviously, you’re not gonna need all of them.

1. Identify you needs

First of all, you will have to know what exactly you need a door sweep for. 

Is it for soundproofing?,

For blocking the draft?,

For sealing your Garage?,

Or for stopping the rats from entering your room or soundproofing the room?

Your purpose will decide the type of door sweep you’d need.

2. Choose the right size

Once you’ve identified the type of door sweep you need, you’d need to measure the door’s width and the height of the gap you want to seal. The size of the door sweep you’re buying should be greater than the size of the gap in between the bottom of the door and the floor.

Also, make sure the length of the door sweep should be greater than the door’s width, most of the door sweeps are easy to cut so don’t worry if you buy a larger length.

3. Check the material

Door sweeps are generally made of two materials one for the upper part, the part that attaches to the door and one for the lower part, which is the sweeping part. You’d find most of the door sweeps with aluminium used on the upper part and materials like vinyl, rubber, silicon, etc used for the sweeping part.

4. Installation Process

Basically, there are two types of installation processes for door sweeps, one is directly installing self-adhesive door sweeps and the second one is doing it manually with the help of screws and drilling. 

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the self-adhesive ones are more of temporary ones while others are kind of permanent.

5. Color

This is an optional step but if you’re more into matching colors and taking care of the overall look then you can look out for sweeps with different color options. 

I cannot say which door sweep is best for you because I don’t know what are your requirements and why do you need a door sweep. Still, most people need door sweeps for blocking the noise and cold winds entering beneath the door. 

Here some door sweeps you can choose from:

S. No.BrandPrice
1.Suptikes Door Draft Stopper$8.99
2.Holikme Door Draft Stopper$7.95
3. M-D Building Products$11.84
4.Holikme Twin Door Draft Stopper$18.95
5.Maxtid Adjustable Door Draft Stopper$16.99
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Are there different size door sweeps?

Yes, there are different sizes of door sweeps. The most common size is 36 inches and you can find 42 inches door sweeps as well. You don’t need to worry about size if you are using weatherstrip style soon sweeps as you can cut them as per the required size.

Do door sweeps keep mice out?

Some of the door sweeps can keep the mice out while some of them cannot. If you are facing this problem then you need to check the material of the sweep before buying. Rats cannot tear the sweeps made up of hard materials so they cannot come inside.

What is a door sweep for?

Door sweeps are used for soundproofing purposes, blocking the cold winds entering the room, keeping the rats out of the room etc. Some of the sweeps even keep the water out of the room.

Will a door sweep keep water out?

Most of the door sweeps don’t keep the water out because when we talk about door sweep, it barely touches the floor so there are some micro nanometres of space through which water can come in. 

How much does it cost to replace a door sweep?

Self-Adhesive door sweeps are very easy to install as they don’t require mechanical work. While some door sweeps are installed using screws and drilling, so if you don’t have a drilling machine then you can ask a guy from a nearby hardware store. The labour cost varies from country to country.

Can you cut the door sweep to size?

Self-adhesive door sweeps are very easy to cut and you can cut them using scissors. And for the ones with Vinyl and aluminium part, you can use Hacksaw and scissors both.