5 Best Additive to Quiet Engine Noise

Since you have landed on this page, you must be already aware of the benefits of using additives for the longer service life of your vehicle. But too many options can sometimes be very overwhelming. I understand your confusion about choosing the right kind of additive.

Whether you are upgrading your vehicle or simply looking for a general all-purpose additive for better performance and maintenance, there are many options out in the market serving all purpose needs to specific needs with various different chemical compositions. 

Now I understand we are no Walter White to know all these chemicals and nor do we have time to study them. So people chillax, save your energy because I have done my homework on your behalf, and continue reading to the end to discover the five best additives to quiet your engine noise. I have covered five different additives to suit all your requirements and needs. So let’s dive in!!

1. Lucas Oil Stabilizer

This is the one if you are looking for an additive that provides good engine life. It is a 100% petroleum product designed to eliminate dry starts, thus reducing wear and tear and resulting in increased engine life 

This thick lubricant reduces friction, gives 50% increased oil life, prevents the engine from overheating, and thus enhances engine performance with the least operational noise. 

lucas oil stablizer

It can be used in both – diesel and gasoline engines. Being a pure petroleum product, it can be used with any other automotive fluids. When used in combination with gear oil especially, it stops leaks. 

Thumbs up:- 

  • Best for engine health and performance 
  • Reduces friction resulting in smooth and quieter performance. 
  • Adaptable to diesel and gasoline engines
  • Blends easily with all other automotive lubricants. 

Thumbs down:-

  • Compatibility issues with certain types of equipment. 
  • As per the reviews may not be suitable for certain engines. 

2. Sea Foam Motor Treatment

This another popular additive is specifically known for its cleaning purpose. It is designed to clean and lubricate critical upper engines where otherwise cleaning is difficult.

This Epa-registered additive helps with emission tests, cleans all types of carbon buildups,  and is friendly to all 2 and 4-stroke gasoline engines. 

sea foam motor treatment

It helps to clean intake valves, combustion, and chamber areas without the hassle of removing parts. It also prevents corrosion and lubricates critical parts of the engine hence providing cleaner, smoother, and quieter engine performance. 

Thumbs up:- 

  • Removes sludge and prevents the deposit of harmful engine residue 
  • Lubricates critical engine parts and improves engine power with increased efficiency and quieter operation. 
  • Limits exhaustion and helps with emission tests. 

Thumbs down:-

  • Some Compatibility issues with adapters outside the U.S. 
  • people found it difficult to use. 

3. Marvel Mystery Oil

Marvel mystery oil – this brand is the oldest player in the additive market and is known for its use in WWII, from war tanks to airplanes, it secured its position in every kind of engine. 

It is suitable for both types of engine, be it gasoline or diesel. It can be used in all kinds of engines, GDI or hybrid, and also can be mixed with both, oil or fuel. 

marvel mystery oil bottle

Rightly said in its description – ‘’ Marvel Mystery Oil provides vehicle owners the ability to solve scores of automotive ailments with one product’’. This all-rounder additive will clean and lubricate the engines well for better mileage and quieter functioning. 

Thumbs up:- 

  • Reduces friction and engine noise. 
  • Cleans even piston rings and provides increased mileage. 
  • Even blends with synthetic oils and ethanol-based fluids. 

Thumbs down:-

  • May not be compatible with certain equipment internationally.
  • Reviews suggest that Some people found it a bit pricey.  


This additive is one of its own kind with a zinc and phosphorus combination known for creating anti- wear layers at friction points.  

ZDDP  specifically targets the engine parts with higher chances of friction such as lifters and camshaft to prevent unnecessary metal contact, thus eliminating abrasion. 

zinc oil additive

It is ideal for high-performance engines to protect them from heavy wear and is compulsory for all flat-tappet engines. This additive is highly recommended to protect engines’ wear – tear, providing longer service life and better functioning obviously leading to reduced decibels. 

Thumbs up:- 

  • Ideal for high-performance engines and old vintage cars. 
  • Provides heavy protection against friction for healthy engines 
  • Can be blended with synthetic, semi-synthetic, and mineral-based oil. 

Thumbs down:-

  • Does not clean engine which may lead to emissions 
  • May not be suitable for the latest engine models. 

5. Liqui Moly Hydraulic Lifter Additive

This is our last but top-rated additive with its very useful properties. You surely must be aware of this popular vehicle care brand. If you had this additive on your list, I must say it was a good choice!! 

Specially designed to dampen the noises from the hydraulic lifters which are otherwise integrated into the engines to reduce sound but due to wear may end up creating more noise. It is thus best suited if the noise is coming from lifters. 

hydraulic lifter additive

It can be added to gasoline and diesel engines with or without turbocharging. It is also used in vehicles also with catalytic converters and other vehicles including boats and motorcycles. 

Thumbs up:- 

  • Cleans and lubricates the valve for optimum and quieter operation. 
  • Prevents noises caused by hydraulic tappets 
  • Can blend with any commercial engine oil. 

Thumbs down:-

  • May not be suitable high-performance engines
  • may also not increase mileage. 

Some other Alternatives

These are the five best additives we found to help you with noise pollution goals. Yet if you are not satisfied with these five options and  need more options, we got you covered with another three options:

  1.  Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive
  2.  TriboTEX Nano Oil Additive 
  3. Rislone High Mileage Engine Treatment


  • What can be used other than oil additives to reduce noise? 

You can use fuel system cleaner, octane booster and other additives to reduce engine knock. 

  • How to make your car quieter?

Sound deadening mats can be used and also one can change their tires to smaller ones as they make less noise compared to larger ones. 

  • How do I know if my lifter is noisy?

A lifter usually makes clicking sounds. 

  • Is it beneficial to replace lifters?

It is good to get new lifters if your old ones have worn out. 

  • Do hydraulic lifters require maintenance?

Yes, they do require to be serviced timely.