5 Best Office White Noise Machines

In today’s fast-paced and bustling work environments,finding tranquility and focus can often be a daunting task. Office White Noise machines have emerged as an increasingly popular solution, providing a simple yet effective way to create a soothing sonic ambiance with high productivity and concentration levels.  

Whether looking to enhance the ability to concentrate or just simply aiming to establish a more peaceful office atmosphere, these white noise machines are sure to elevate the work experience to another level. Here are the five best white noise machines for office purposes: 

ModelPower SourceMusic TracksWeight (lbs)NightlightAuto-off TimersBattery-Powered
Sound+Sleep from Adaptive Sound Tech.AC Power AdapterWhite Noise2.6No30-120 minNo
Lectro SoundUSB Power SourceWarm White Noise0.6NoNoYes
Dreamegg D3 Pro White Noise MachineBattery-Powered15 Nature + 7 Fan + 7 White0.72NoYesYes
Renpho White Noise MachineBattery-Powered7 White + 7 Fan + 15 NatureN/AYesYesYes
Magicteam White Noise MachineBattery-Powered5 White + 5 Fan + 30 Sounds0.95NoNoYes
best white noise machines for office

Editor’s Choice

Best white noise machine for office

1. Sound+Sleep from Adaptative Sound Technologies 

Sound+Sleep SE is the world’s most advanced sound machine. Unlike other “White Noise” sound machines, Sound+Sleep SE uses naturally recorded, high-definition sounds that constantly evolve and never loop, eliminating all audio repetition for real-world natural sound experiences. 

In addition, the SE features patented Adaptive Sound® technology, empowering the machine to intelligently listen to your environment and automatically raise volume to mask unwanted noises.  With “Adaptive” mode on, you get a smart machine giving you the best volume experience.

Sound+Sleep from Adaptative Sound Technologies white noise machine


Color: White/Silver

Brand: Adaptive Sound Technologies

Power Source: AC Power Adapter

Music Tracks: White Noise

 Item Weight: 2.6 Pounds

Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.5 x 4.5 inches


  • Wide range of sounds: 8 fans, 12 white noises, and 44 nature or ambient sounds.
  • Auto-off timers between 30 and 120 minutes, or continuous play.
  • Good volume and noise masking.


  • There is no internal battery, so it needs to be plugged in to work.
  • Relatively expensive
  • Not the most portable device.

2. Lectro Sound 

LectroSound uses custom-designed analog circuitry to generate  warm, robust, non-looping white noise that’s truly random. Whether you need it for sound masking in professional environments, you’d like to improve your focus and concentration, or you just need help getting to sleep more quickly and enjoying more restful sleep,  LectroSound is a simple solution that works.

The tone dial provides precise control of the sound’s warmth across a spectrum of brown and pink variations. You can also adjust the output with the volume control to match the needs of your environment. 

And it’s compact for travel, whether you want to go across the room or across the country. It connects to any USB power source and includes a USB-to-AC adapter for use with wall outlets.

Lectro Sound white noise machine


Weight: 0.6 lbs

Package Contents: AC adapter, User’s Guide

Product Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 3 inches

Warranty: One Year


  • It has precise control.
  • The wide volume range helps in creating a sonic background tailored to the size of the environment.
  • incredibly easy to use.


  • It does not have a sleep timer.
  • It does not include a headphone or speaker connector.
  • There is also no Bluetooth audio.
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3. Dreamegg D3 Pro White Noise Machine    

The Dreamegg D3 Pro white noise machine gets the balance just right between the sounds it plays, speaker quality, useful features, and price.

With 15 nature sounds, 7 fan sounds, and 7 white noise sounds, good volume, and better bass than most white noise machines, it does a great job of masking external noise.

The headphone jack, auto-off timers, internal rechargeable battery, and portable size make it a convenient sound machine for parents to play to kids or for adults to use themselves.

Dreamegg D3 Pro White Noise Machine


Color: Black

Brand: Dreamegg

Power Source: Battery-Powered

Music Tracks: White Noise

Item Weight: 0.72 Pounds


  • Small and portable.
  • Masks external noise very well.
  • Headphone jack for private listening.


  • White noise interferes with a couple of quieter sounds.
  • It makes a chiming sound at the end of selections.
  • You might have to request the ‘included’ power adaptor.

4. Renpho White Noise Machine

The Renpho white noise machine has an excellent range of sounds to choose from. It also has the best night light I’ve seen included with a sound machine of this style.

It’s one that both adults and kids could use, but the number of sounds clearly intended for kids and the nightlight probably mean that parents will make the best use of it.

Renpho White Noise Machine


Color: White


Material: Plastic

Power source: Battery-powered

Music tracks: White Noise

Number of track: 29


  • Good range of sounds: 7 white noise, 7 fans, and 15 nature/ambient.
  • Auto-off timers.
  • Loops are long, with less obvious breaks than some devices.


  • Chiming sound when you reach the end of the sound options.
  • Some sounds, like birds, are high-pitched at a louder volume.
  • Nightlight pulsing mode could be smoother.

5. Magicteam White Noise Machine

The Magicteam white noise machine has a wide variety of relaxing sounds to listen to, with 40 in total. If you like the sound of rain, running water, or waves, it has more of those than most other sound machines, and there are five relaxing music tracks that kids might find soothing.

The price is very reasonable, and it’s lightweight and portable. The speaker lacks bass, and the maximum volume isn’t particularly loud, so it doesn’t make external noise as well as more powerful white noise machines.

magicteam white noise machine


Color:                   B-white

Brand:            Magicteam

Power Source: Battery-Powered

Music Tracks: White Noise

Item Weight:   0.95 Pounds


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Wide range of sounds: 5 white noises, 5 fan sounds, 5 music tracks, and 25 nature or ambient tracks.
  • Low price.


  • It takes time to find the track you want.
  • Not loud enough to mask all external noise.
  • Basic speaker that lacks bass.

Where should a white noise machine be placed in an office?

I would love to share my experience with white noise machine in the office, we tried different locations to mask out the unwanted noise and here’s where you should place a white noise machine in the office:

  1. Near the source of noise: Identify the main sources of distracting sounds in your office. If there’s a particular area or machine that generates most of the noise, consider placing the white noise machine nearby to mitigate the impact of that noise.
  2. Central location: If there isn’t a specific noisy area, a central location can work well. This ensures that the white noise is evenly distributed throughout the office space, providing a consistent background sound to mask potential disturbances.
  3. Avoid blocking it: Ensure the white noise machine is not obstructed by large furniture or objects that could dampen its effectiveness. You want the sound to travel freely and evenly throughout the office.
  4. Away from workstations: Place the white noise machine away from employees’ workstations to prevent it from becoming a distraction itself. The goal is to create a subtle, continuous background sound that blends into the office ambiance.
  5. Adjustable volume: If your white noise machine has adjustable volume settings, you may want to experiment with different levels to find the most suitable one for your office environment. It should be loud enough to mask distractions but not overpowering.
  6. Consider multiple units: For larger offices or open-plan spaces, you might need multiple white noise machines strategically placed to ensure proper coverage and sound distribution.
  7. Maintenance and cleaning: Regularly clean and maintain the white noise machine to ensure it functions optimally and doesn’t create any additional noise due to dust or debris buildup.


1. Do white noise machines work in offices?

 White noise machines are an excellent solution for office privacy. This will assist you in avoiding any pitfalls that could render your solution ineffective.

2. What are the most effective white noise sounds?

If you are looking for natural sounds that work as white noise, consider trying a whirring fan, a hissing radiator, a humming air conditioner, or television static.

3. What are the most effective white noise sounds?

If you are looking for natural sounds that work as white noise, consider trying a whirring fan, a hissing radiator, a humming air conditioner, or television static.

4. Why do offices use white noise?

There are many excellent reasons to use white noise at work, including Better productivity.