Top 10 Best Earplugs for Sleeping in 2023 (Reviewed)

By filtering out irritating sounds like traffic, snoring, or TV, sleep earplugs can help obtain sufficient sleep. There’s a lot to pick from.

Is anyone else having trouble getting a good night’s sleep lately? Even if the frigid winters give way to lighter springs, stress from the epidemic has thrown the body clocks totally out of whack, and it’s becoming increasingly harder to fall asleep.

You could simply order a jar of foam earplugs, but this isn’t always the greatest option. Foam earplugs are nonetheless unpleasant to use, but they are also ineffective in masking noise, may even fall during the night, and are unpleasant.

All earplugs listed are hygienic, reusable, and far more efficient at blocking sound that keeps you awake at night. Some of them are high-tech plugs having active noise cancellation and calming sounds to help you fall asleep faster, while others just employ expertly made silicone to reduce ambient noise while remaining safe in place.

Earplugs for Sleeping: What to Look for?

  • Type: Noise-masking, noise-reduction, and noise-canceling earplugs are the three main earplugs available for sleep. Noise-masking or noise-cancellation headphones are usually more expensive and come with technology that lets you play certain tones that encourage good sleep. Noise reduction alternatives can be simple (typically constructed of foam or designed for one-time usage) with no technology.
  • Size: It’s critical to look for an alternative with different tip sizes or particularly mentions its capacity to expand to accommodate your specific ear. Some solutions cover the external ear, while others go further into the canal. Knowing your preferred fit and level of comfort can help you decide which style is best for you.

Benefits of earplugs for sleeping

According to Oxford Academic’s Annals of work exposure and health, training is significant for the earplug users as several of them are still unable to insert earplugs properly into their ears.

However, training is essential as it increases people’s visual insertion quality (from 1.9 to 2.6) and noise attenuation of earplugs (10 dB by MIRE and 6 dB at 1000 Hz by REAT). 

Furthermore, as per Wiley Online Library, for numerous factors, including noise, surroundings, sickness severity, or care activities, intensive care patients endure disturbed sleep. The intervention group cited eye masks (28%) and earplugs (22%) as factors favoring sleep. It seems that earplugs and eye masks may be helpful additions for patients trying to sleep in care units.

Categories of Earplugs

Earplugs are divided into three categories:

  • Foam plugs: The majority of the foam plugs are throwaways, although some could be used multiple times. If you are actually concerned about the health of your ear, wearing one new pair per night is recommended.
  • Soft plugs: Soft plugs that sit into your ear (there exist silicone and non-silicone choices). These are often reusable and washable, with multiple size options to choose from for the optimum fit.
  • Moldable silicone plugs: Moldable silicone plugs which sit in the ear aperture rather than the canal are reusable and washable. They create a seal over your earhole’s top to block out the noises, and they may be the ideal option if you don’t like the feeling of a plastic or foam bud in the ear. A few of them are suitable for watersports and swimming, helping protect ears from water damage. Several silicone variants are also hypoallergenic.

Top 10 Best Earplugs for Sleeping

  1. Amazfit Zenbuds
amazfit earplugs


  • Comfortable and light
  • Sleep monitoring available
  • Has a longer battery life
  • Smart personal assistant available
  • Includes a noise blocking technology 


  • Durability is not good
  • Notifications are not that apt

Get this if:

  • You like to hear pleasant sounds while sleeping
  • You wish to monitor your sleep

The Amazfit Zenbuds are our go-to sleep earplugs when blocking out distractions at night. They could not only successfully conceal noises like traffic, snoring, and noisy neighbors but also play a selection of pleasant tunes to help you go to sleep.

Because they aren’t wifi, you won’t be able to stream your local podcasts or music, which makes sense given how small they are. Alternatively, you can use Amazfit’s mobile app to upload the audio tracks to Zenbuds. There are so many alternatives, from snoring kittens to rain sound, so you’re likely to discover something that helps you sleep.

But that’s not all: the Zenbuds are also one of the greatest sleep monitors. They start monitoring your heart rate and movement just after an hour, and you can examine your restlessness, sleep stages, and even how much time you spend sleeping with your back, front, and sides in the morning. It’s quite remarkable, especially considering how little and soft the sleep earplugs are.

  1. QuietOn 3
quiteon earplugs


  • Comfortable and softer tips
  • Safe to use
  • Amazing battery life
  • Ergonomic design


  • Do not entirely block noise

Get this if:

  • You wish to change your life and sleep quality
  • You enjoy Quietude

Unlike other sleep earplugs tested, QuietOn 3 sleep earplugs block distractions with active noise cancellation instead of natural sounds or music, which is perfect if you discover any form of sound irritating during the night. They also have soft foam ends that establish a tight seal in the ear canal, offer active noise cancellation, and are among the most pleasant sleep earplugs available.

However, the QuietOn 3 plugs do not completely block out all noise. High frequencies are still allowed through so that you can talk or hear your alarm in the mornings. It will also prevent you from missing something more important, such as a fire alarm or a phone call.

The QuietOn 3 sleep earplugs are exceptionally light and compact, and their clever charging case allows them to filter out noise for up to four nights. You must choose the correct size (there are four options available to choose from) and then carefully fit them during the night to create a good seal in the ear canal, but the work is well worth it, and the outcomes in the tests were really impressive.

  1. Bose Sleepbuds II
bose sleepbuds


  • User tested
  • Assures peaceful sleep
  • Has a relaxation content


  • Battery life not up to the mark
  • Not much comfortable

Get this if:

  • You don’t like noises at night; this is an excellent substitute for a white noise machine.

The Bose Sleepbuds II are currently among the most technologically advanced sleep earplugs. They work similarly to the Amazfit Zenbuds as they filter unwanted noise while also playing a choice of relaxing sounds to be transferred to the Sleepbuds via a mobile app. 

We have found them to be incredibly comfortable in the tests, and the Sleepbuds II lasted around four nights without charges. That’s a significant upgrade over the initial Bose Sleepbuds.

If you have trouble falling asleep or waking up during the night, the Bose Sleepbuds II might be the answer. They’re not inexpensive, especially in comparison to earplugs which don’t have active noise cancellation, and they don’t have the Amazfit Zenbuds’ sleep tracking technology. Still, it isn’t easy to put a premium on a good night’s sleep.

  1. Kokoon Nightbuds
kokoon sleepbuds


  • Offers noise masking
  • Includes adaptive audio
  • More comfortable


  • Its app is not available in all the countries

Get this if:

  • You wish to track your sleeping patterns
  • You want to listen to natural sounds while sleeping

The Kokoon Night Buds are more than just the simple sleep earplugs; they also use a smaller sensor for optical heart rate sensing in one of the earpieces to track the sleeping patterns and play a soothing and pleasant white noise or natural sounds to block annoying sounds at night. They can even stream audio directly from the phone, so if you would rather wish to listen to your podcasts, audiobooks, or music at bedtime, that won’t be a problem.

The Kokoon app contains various relaxing sounds that may be paired with gentle meditation or peaceful abstract tunes to create a personalized soundscape. In the daytime, the Nightbuds can aid concentration at work or listen to brief lectures on sleep’s biology and its importance. It’s simply amazing.

The Kokoon Nightbuds fit tightly, feel more comfortable, and don’t move from out of the position even if you are a noisy sleeper. There isn’t any active noise cancellation here, so you’ll have to rely on the soundtracks to mask the distractions, and there is no charge case included.

  1. SleepPhones


  • Assures relaxation and helps with insomnia
  • Longer lasting battery life
  • Comfortable 
  • Natural sleep aid assured


  • Not durable 

Get this if:

  • You toss and turn a lot at night and get irritated with disloging of tradition earplugs.

The AcousticSheep SleepPhones aren’t exactly earplugs, but they can cover your ears and provide ambient music or sound to conceal exterior distractions similarly. 

The SleepPhones are a cozy fleece headpiece with two little speakers resting on the ears and an integrated Bluetooth receiver. All electrical parts can be detached, and the headband can be washed easily when it has to be cleaned. If you reside in a hotter environment, a band composed of a lighter, more breathable mesh is a better option.

The SleepPhones are Bluetooth headphones that link to the phone and let you listen to any streamed audio from directly on the phone. AcousticSheep provides free MP3 downloads if you prefer something unique.

The SleepPhones have limited sound leakage, so they shouldn’t wake up your companion, but the Bluetooth device connected may get shifted within the headband over the night. There is also no battery indicator available, so you will be required to guess when they need to be recharged.

  1. Anbow Reusable Silicone Ear Plugs
anbow earplugs


  • Controls noise effectively
  • Highly comfortable
  • Protects ear from all environments
  • Reusable


  • Have a tighter seal
  • Not made for smaller ear size

Get this if:

  • You want earplugs with a flanged tip

The Anbow Reusable Silicone EarPlugs are ideal for people who want earplugs with an expanded tab that makes them easier to remove from the ears.

Corded earplugs, made out of silicone of a higher grade, are available for sleepers who discover that earplugs can come out during the night and that the cord lets you quickly retrieve them. You have two cordless pairs, enabling you to fly like a bird.

You simply spin them and place them into your ears. The ultra-soft material and ergonomically shaped shape offer great noise-cancellation for sleeping, traveling, and swimming and are portable and long-lasting. The earplugs are individually packaged in a plastic-based storage container and include a waterproof bag for external and travel use. Wear them with ultimate comfort and use them all night.

  1. DubsLabs Bedphones Sleep Headphones


  • Blocks snoring sound
  • Assures relaxation 
  • Relieves tinnitus
  • Highly adjustable


  • Durability is not up to the mark

Get this if:

  • You don’t like in-ear headphones and cables around you

The DubsLabs Bedphones Sleep Headphones are a must-have for those who wish to block out background noise but don’t like in-ear headphones. Sleeping noiselessly was never easier thanks to the endlessly adaptable memory cable ear clips that accommodate all ears.

They are the classic version, having a memory wire that is rubber-coated for a specific fit that can be adjusted. You can also use these wireless earplugs if you don’t like having cables around whenever you sleep.

You may actually sleep to your favorite music or podcasts while relieving tinnitus and preventing snoring. Bedphones are connected to your smart device by Bluetooth. The Bedphones are different from regular Bluetooth headphones in that they are engineered to sit flat upon your ear, allowing you to sleep soundly while using them.

  1. Flare Audio Sleeep® Pro Sleeping Earplug
loopquiet earplugs


  • Tiny and more comfortable
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Easy to fit and remove


  • Does not dampen noise

Get this if:

  • You want comfy earplugs with softer ends of memory foam

These earplugs are a dream coming for anyone searching for a decent pair of earplugs, whether they’re at home or on the road. The Sleeep Pro is constructed with a titanium core turned with precision, dual ends, and exceptionally soft and durable expanding material.

The material’s density change reduces sound dramatically. These earplugs have a robust titanium core.

The pair comes in a trendy black and is tinier. So even if you wear these puppies at home or out in public, you’ll get no funny looks, only hearing protection. Even if you hear mutterings from other passengers, you won’t notice since the noise filtering will prevent you from hearing them. You sleep better the less you know!

  1. Mack’s Ultra Soft Ear Plugs


  • Made of super low pressure foam
  • Highly comforting


  • Noise reduction not much effective

Get this if:

  • You want softer, foam-based earplugs

Foam earplug fans will be pleased to learn that Mack’s has got it onto this list, which has received excellent ratings.

Polyurethane foam construction in a bell-shaped, unobtrusive neutral color. It has a pressure drop, and a softer foam fills the ear canal gradually.

Ideal for a sleeper who wishes to filter out all external distractions and noise with a respectable 33 dB NRR without paying an arm or a leg. Mack’s offers a 50-pack of earplugs, which is great for frequent users who prefer single-usage earplugs.

  1. Hearprotek Sleeping Ear Plugs
hearprotek earplugs


  • Designed ergonomically
  • Highly comfortable
  • Assures an effective noise reduction
  • Reusable


  • Not effective with snoring noise

Get this if:

  • You want something stylish with noise reduction capability

The Hearprotek Sleeping EarPlugs are a wonderful solution for all ladies who wish to have something stylish, feminine, discreet, and safe to prevent annoying sounds from keeping you awake at night.

The Hearprotek earplug is comfortable and is ergonomically formed with a three-layer flange. It is also recyclable. These earplugs come in two sizes: a tiny size with an NRR of 30 dB and normal size with a higher NRR of 32 dB.

Made of non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials, you can be assured that your allergies will not be activated. For easy transport, Hearprotek arrives with a durable aluminum case. Relax and block all those distracting noises to improve your sleep quality.

What can I use instead of earplugs?

In addition to earplugs, external white noise machines can be utilised to totally block out other sounds. Additionally, earplugs may be substituted with them. Earmuffs are among the other accessories that you might use to block out sounds while you sleep.

Is it healthy to wear earplugs?

Wearing earplugs to filter out nighttime noises is relatively safe, but there are some things to keep in mind. To begin with, if you are wearing them at night, you may notice an ear wax build-up, or considerably more than usual. 

Cleaning the ears before bedtime anyway and wiping down the plugs every so often shouldn’t cause any problems. Most earplugs are softer enough that you won’t notice them while your head is resting on the pillow, but it may take some time to get used to them first, especially if the plugs you choose contain little particles of plastic or hard plastic materials.

Is it OK to sleep with earplugs every night?

In general, using earplugs while sleeping is safe. It’s possible, though, that prolonged use and regular use could result in some small issues, such as buildup of earwax. Environment noise might occasionally keep people awake. For instance, a bedroom facing a busy street can shorten the amount of time you sleep.


Putting anything in the ears will block certain noise. However, the efficiency will depend on the substance chosen. The ones present on the list promise to block around 38 dB, but many will only assist in muffling stronger noises such as sirens outside, allowing you to hear alarms or smoke detectors.

An average discussion could be as loud as 40 decibels, whereas a refrigerator noise can be approximately 20 decibels. You should not expect the earplugs to offer you silence completely, but they will at least help to hush your partner’s snoring.