Can you wash acoustic foam? (How to Dry)

Acoustic foam might get dirty if your room is prone to dust. Foam is not just about improving the room’s acoustics but it also impacts the aesthetics. Dirty foam panels will not look good on the walls and cleaning them is must if you want to maintain the beauty of your space.

So, the question is “Can you wash Acoustic Foam?

No! You should not wash acoustic foam as it will degrade the foam much faster. Instead, you should clean the foam by wiping it with something like Isopropyl alcohol or damp cloth. You can also use vacuum cleaners for cleaning the dust and debris sitting on the foam panels.

Can you wash acoustic foam?

Acoustic Foam is made up of open cell material with long channels. So, it’s not easy to wash acoustic foam, and even if you do wash it, when the foam soaks water it degrades much faster which decreases the life of the foam.

Do not use any chemical substances (for eg. perfume) on your foam for the sake of cleaning it. Usage of any random chemical substance for cleaning acoustic foam may destroy the foam as it can react with the foam material and result in some unwanted chemical compound.

The whole principle of the acoustic foam is to absorb noise, but the soft porous material of foam not just absorbs noise, it can also absorb dust, viruses, germs and bacteria.

acoustic foam
acoustic foam panels

You may end up growing fungi and mold within the foam, if not cleaned regularly.

Acoustic foam is usually stuck to the wall with one end, and taking it off the wall is not easy. This is one of the biggest problems while cleaning acoustic foam. Even if you manage to take it off and dip it in water, the water enters the pores of the foam and stays there.

Do you need to wash Acoustic Foam?

You don’t have to wash acoustic foam but you should definitely clean it regularly. If you would ask me “How often should we clean foam panels?”

The answer would be two to three times a year. But it depends on the condition of your room and you should start cleaning it as soon as you see dirt visible on the panels.

Can we put it in a washing machine?

Absolutely NO! There are two problems with putting the acoustic foam in the washing machine. First one is, washing the foam will degrade it much faster, and the second one is, spinning the foam in a washing machine might destroy the structure of the foam panels.

Structure impacts the sound absorbing capabilities of the foam panels. If the structure is destroyed, the foam will not be that effective.

How do you Dry sound foam?

Of course, we shouldn’t wash acoustic foam, but if you’ve done it, don’t worry! Here’s a quick fix.

While drying the acoustic foam, our aim should be evaporating the water particles that sit in between the pores and do not easily evaporate. You can use a Hair Dryer for removing those water particles.

Hair dryer can also be used for expanding acoustic foam quickly. When you order acoustic foam, it comes in a compressed state in a package and it takes around one or two days for the foam to expand to its original state.

By using a Hair Dryer you can quickly expand the acoustic foam to its full stretched form.