How do I make a small soundproof box?

If you’re looking to create a soundproof box to reduce noise from a loud appliance or musical instrument, you’re in the right place. In this article, I’ll be sharing step-by-step instructions on how I made a small soundproof box and how you can do it too. With a soundproof box, you can enjoy your favorite … Read more

Does it matter where you put acoustic foam?

Acoustic foam is a soundproofing material which is used to improve the quality of sound and reduce sound reverberations inside a room. Placement of acoustic foam is very important and random placement could lead to inefficient results. Proper acoustic treatment is necessary for every setting where critical listening is sought. You can start to worry … Read more

Is Thermocol good for soundproofing?

a cart carrying thermocol

In order to answer this question, we need to first understand what soundproofing really is. Soundproofing, also referred to as sound blocking occurs when you prevent sound waves from one area from traveling into another area.  Passive and active soundproofing are the two main categories. Passive soundproofing only addresses the transfer of airborne sound; this … Read more

Are mirrors good for soundproofing?

You’ve probably heard that mirrors can be helpful in soundproofing your home, but do they really work? Are they just a cheap way to deal with sound problems or are they something you should really invest in if you want to make a room truly soundproof?  If you are searching for how to soundproof your … Read more

Does Bubble Wrap block sound?

picture showing bubble wrap

It seems like something that would be more of an issue in the packaging department, but many people want to know if it’s possible to use bubble wrap as a soundproofing material.  Bubble wrap is a very light weight material and it does not help in blocking sound. For blocking sound, heavy and dense materials … Read more

Do egg cartons absorb sound?

do egg carton absorb sound

Have you ever noticed how egg cartons don’t seem to make noise when you walk past them in the grocery store? The manufacturer makes sure that eggs are packed tightly, with no space between them so they don’t break, but there’s also another reason why they aren’t noisy – egg cartons actually do absorb sound!  … Read more

How to soundproof a Bird Cage?

Birds make intelligent, entertaining, and generally low-maintenance pets. Also, if you are allergic to cats and dogs, they may be your best option. Birds are wonderful pets and require less maintenance than larger, four-legged animals, but they can also be noisy and sometimes turn into squeaky little devils, making it difficult to get a decent … Read more

Rockwool Vs. Fiberglass For Soundproofing

rockwool vs fiberglass

Some people can’t stand noise, thus, to make their surroundings peaceful, they search the market for the greatest soundproofing materials. While searching for soundproofing materials, it is very much expected that you will come across rock wool and fiberglass. But which one to choose might be a question that will strike your head. While fiberglass … Read more

Is Underlay Good For Soundproofing?

Everybody yearns to have some peace and quietness in the house. That is why it is often preferred to lessen impact sound, especially when the noise of feet from upper rooms is disturbing your home environment. Lowering your impact sound may also be a good idea if you reside in a first- or second-floor apartment … Read more