How to get revenge on your neighbor without them knowing?

revenge on neighbor

Annoyed with stupid neighbors? Yeah me too, but I am laughing right now reading all the devious ideas of the smart people in the online community to revenge their obnoxious neighbors. Sweet revenge is perhaps an effective way to make people understand their careless deeds.  You don’t choose your family but for many people, it … Read more

How to Soundproof Your Tiny Home?

soundproof tiny home

Did you know that too many bright lights and sounds can affect your mental health, thus, your physical health too because the mind and body are connected, working in coordination. Modern science is proving today that a few hours of darkness and quietness is very beneficial for your overall well-being.  With that being said, the … Read more

How do you remove soundproof foam from walls?


Are you planning to remove soundproof foam from your walls but don’t know where to start? Soundproofing foam can be a great solution for reducing noise levels in your home or office, but over time, you may need to remove it to make way for new materials or renovations. However, removing soundproof foam can be … Read more

Noise-Free Rides: Soundproof Your Car on a Budget!

Top 8 Quietest Performance Mufflers (1)

If you’re tired of dealing with road noise and distractions while driving, you may be wondering how to soundproof your car on a budget. Fortunately, there are several affordable ways to soundproof a car without breaking the bank. From using sound-deadening mats to installing soundproof curtains, there are various options to choose from. In this … Read more

Shades vs. Curtains: Which One Wins in Style, Function, and Cost?

Shades vs Curtains

Choosing between shades and curtains can be a tough decision when it comes to decorating your home. While shades offer a modern look and better light control, curtains provide a classic touch and versatile style options. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and the needs of the room. To make an informed decision, check … Read more

The 14 Best Soundproof Curtains for a Quieter 2023

image with 5 curtains and text best soundproof curtains

While curtains are frequently used to block light and give a space a beautiful feel, soundproof curtains also serve another purpose. Although curtains won’t be able to soundproof a room completely, a good set of noise-canceling curtains can make a big difference. Choosing the ideal curtain depends on whether you value cost, the amount of … Read more

Does it matter where you put acoustic foam?

Acoustic foam is a soundproofing material which is used to improve the quality of sound and reduce sound reverberations inside a room. Placement of acoustic foam is very important and random placement could lead to inefficient results. Proper acoustic treatment is necessary for every setting where critical listening is sought. You can start to worry … Read more

Is MDF Good for Soundproofing?

MDF which is known as Medium Density Fiberboard, it is different from solid wood based on the composition of materials. MDF is better for soundproofing because of higher density and an STC rating of 33. MDF can be easily cut into pieces and used for different purposes, it is an affordable material when compared to … Read more