How do you remove soundproof foam from walls?


Are you planning to remove soundproof foam from your walls but don’t know where to start? Soundproofing foam can be a great solution for reducing noise levels in your home or office, but over time, you may need to remove it to make way for new materials or renovations. However, removing soundproof foam can be … Read more

Do egg cartons absorb sound?

do egg carton absorb sound

Have you ever noticed how egg cartons don’t seem to make noise when you walk past them in the grocery store? The manufacturer makes sure that eggs are packed tightly, with no space between them so they don’t break, but there’s also another reason why they aren’t noisy – egg cartons actually do absorb sound!  … Read more

Is Aluminium foil good for Soundproofing? 

Is Aluminium foil good for Soundproofing?

Aluminium is an interesting metal that seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Many of us are most familiar with aluminium in its foil form, but this metal has many other applications, including as a soundproofing material.  Aluminium foil does not help with absorption, but you can use foil inside of a … Read more

Rockwool Vs. Fiberglass For Soundproofing

rockwool vs fiberglass

Some people can’t stand noise, thus, to make their surroundings peaceful, they search the market for the greatest soundproofing materials. While searching for soundproofing materials, it is very much expected that you will come across rock wool and fiberglass. But which one to choose might be a question that will strike your head. While fiberglass … Read more