How can I reduce noise without replacing windows?


As someone who has dealt with the annoyance of noisy surroundings, I understand how frustrating it can be to constantly hear unwanted sounds from outside your home. The first solution that may come to mind is to replace your windows, but that can be a costly and time-consuming task. After researching and consulting with soundproofing … Read more

Do Window Soundproofing Film reduce noise?

window film noise

Noise-reducing glass is designed with a special laminate coating on one of its glass panes. This coating helps to soak up more sound waves as they travel through the glass, reducing the amount of noise that enters the room. We are surrounded by noise, and coping with it is unavoidable. In this article, we’ll go … Read more

10 Easy to Ways Soundproof a Window (Beginner’s Guide)

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So, let me come straight to the issue at hand here without rolling around the unnecessary points. Well, how many of you are the ones coming from populated areas and face the hurdles of noise pollution, especially amid the Covid-19 situation and growing demand for work-from-home scenarios? Noise pollution is a huge issue, especially when … Read more

Is Aluminium foil good for Soundproofing? 

Is Aluminium foil good for Soundproofing?

Aluminium is an interesting metal that seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Many of us are most familiar with aluminium in its foil form, but this metal has many other applications, including as a soundproofing material.  Aluminium foil does not help with absorption, but you can use foil inside of a … Read more

Do moving blankets work for soundproofing? (Reviewed)

moving blankets

Have you been looking for ways to soundproof your home or place of work? Then you might have heard of an acoustic or sound-dampening blanket. However, you might be wondering if moving blankets also works. Will they help you to reduce noises inside a room, or will you need to try something else? Moving blankets … Read more

Soundproof Curtains vs Panels (Which one to choose?)

With noise pollution becoming an unavoidable scenario in our daily life, be it in the workspace, study room, or bedroom, people are opting for soundproofing solutions more and more. While installing soundproofing solutions can prove to be disruptive, requiring you to construct walls, change doors, create false ceilings, etc, soundproofing curtains and acoustic panels can … Read more

Do soundproof window inserts work?

All these years I’ve been working on soundproofing, the best product I could find for blocking sound entering through windows is “Soundproof Window Inserts.” Well, I almost answered your question in the first paragraph. Still, for those who didn’t get it, here’s the answer to your question. Do Soundproof Window Inserts work? Yes, Soundproof window … Read more

Soundproof Curtains vs Blackout Curtains

Their names “Blackout curtains” and “Soundproof curtains” might confuse you, to be honest when I was a beginner in soundproofing I was confused too. Because both of them share some similarities and at the same time they are completely different if we talk about applications. So, the very first question that comes to mind is, … Read more

Silent Nights with Soundproof Window Inserts

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Be it highway traffic, birds chirping, or boisterous neighbors, if the windows aren’t soundproof, external noise will inevitably interfere with your daily activities, mainly if it comes through while you are in the bedroom or your workspace. Employing soundproof window inserts is the most efficient technique to lessen the noise if you reside in an area … Read more

What are Soundproof Curtains?

what are soundproof curtains

The first question that striked my mind when I first heard of soundproof curtains was, “How can a curtain be soundproof?.” I know most of you might have the same question if you’re hearing this thing for the first time. There are a few more question that you might have, like, Do soundproof curtains exist? … Read more