Do egg cartons absorb sound?

Have you ever noticed how egg cartons don’t seem to make noise when you walk past them in the grocery store? The manufacturer makes sure that eggs are packed tightly, with no space between them so they don’t break, but there’s also another reason why they aren’t noisy – egg cartons actually do absorb sound! 

If you have an egg carton handy and don’t feel like cracking any eggs, try this experiment at home. It turns out that this simple household item can absorb sound to make your kitchen or dining room much quieter than it would be without it.

When it comes to sound absorption, there are some materials that are better than others. However, did you know that egg cartons can be used as an acoustic absorber? Keep reading to find out more about this unique household item and why it’s a great tool to have around the house!

Egg Cartons can be used as sound absorbers and help improve the sound quality inside a room by reducing echoes. However, they are less effective than professional sound absorbers like Acoustic Foam Panels, Soundproof Curtains, etc.

Most egg cartons are made from recycled paper, which means that they’re not as strong and sturdy as they were originally designed to be. However, while they may seem like an unlikely material to absorb sound, you might be surprised to learn that egg cartons actually do absorb sound, though it isn’t advisable to use them in this way on your own. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways to reduce the noise level in your home, so if you’re looking for ways to improve the acoustic quality of your living space, read on!

How do Egg Cartons Work as Sound Absorbers?

Egg cartons have been used as sound absorbers for years. If you take a look at the inside of an empty egg carton, you’ll find a series of egg cups that are designed to hold eggs securely in place. 

These cups also provide a great surface for absorbing noise and vibration from other sources, such as construction or machinery. In fact, many businesses use empty egg cartons to protect their employees from the sounds of drills and other loud equipment. 

egg carton
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One company uses them to reduce the impact of jackhammers on its office building. Since they can reduce the impact of both high and low-frequency sound waves, these old-school materials work well for all types of sounds. 

And since they’re made out of paper, egg cartons don’t cost much money or require any special care once you’re done using them. You just need to tear off one side and fold it flat.

Alternatives of egg cartons as sound absorbers

There are many alternatives to using eggs as a sound absorber. One alternative is to use styrofoam cups. Styrofoam cups can be cut into small blocks and stacked on top of each other to act as a sound barrier, or they can be used directly as insulation underneath the flooring. 

styrofoam cups
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The second option is to use wool blankets. Wool blankets will absorb and then slowly release the heat from the room in order to keep it cooler, plus they are soft and comfortable for people who work for prolonged amounts of time in their offices.

The third option is to use curtains, especially thick curtains with a heavy fabric such as velvet or silk that will dampen the noise coming from outside, plus they can provide privacy when needed. 

Another good idea is to install acoustic panels which are typically made out of fiberglass or mineral wool boards. Acoustic panels may also be sprayed with an acoustical sealant to create an airtight seal around them, thus making them more effective at absorbing sound. 

These panels are lightweight and easy to install but cannot be adjusted once installed unless you move them completely off the wall. It’s important to consider what color the walls behind these panels will be before installing them so that you can select a panel that matches the color scheme desired within your office space.

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The Pros and Cons of Using Egg Cartons as Sound Absorbers

Are you looking for a cheap and easy way to improve the acoustics in your home or office? If so, using some egg cartons as sound absorbers might be a good option. 

Sound-absorbing materials work by trapping air particles and slowing down the movement of air molecules. Egg cartons are made from lightweight paper that should be able to trap some air particles, but they won’t work as well as a professional acoustic material would.

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However, if you’re on a budget and need to find something to use until you can afford better materials, this could be an option for you. It’s important to note that there are some cons to using egg cartons for sound absorption: the main one being the lack of control over their thickness. 

It’s also worth mentioning that not all egg cartons will be suitable; those made from waxed cardboard will likely not do much because they don’t contain any air particles inside them.

Another con is that egg cartons may cause unwanted resonance when used near speakers. Acoustic foam has been found to produce less resonance than egg-carton-type materials and has less impact on lower frequencies than these alternatives. 

If you have access to higher-quality materials, such as acoustic foam, it’s recommended that you use these instead because they will provide superior performance.


It is true that egg cartons are made of a material that will indeed absorb the sound. The question as to how much, however, can be answered by way of a simple experiment. 

Fill up two glass jars about halfway with water. Place an empty plastic container on top of one of them and drop in an egg from a few inches above the surface. 

Record how long it takes for the impact to make a splash, then do the same thing with the other jar but this time place an empty cardboard box on top instead of another container. 

It should take noticeably longer for the noise to register because cardboard is less efficient at absorbing vibrations than glass or plastic containers.