How good are Soundproof Curtains?(Soundproof Test)

Do you have regular curtains and you want to replace them with soundproof curtains?

I have seen a lot of people using soundproofing curtains in their bedrooms because they live in city areas, and there’s traffic noise all day. Some use them in home theaters to block and absorb sound while some people use these curtains as blackout curtains.

Either you wanna install them in your bedroom or your studio, you would definitely want to know how good these soundproof curtains are, right?

Well, I have tried to cover this question in this article and hopefully after reading this piece who won’t have to wander anywhere else.

So, let’s jump right in and see if soundproofing curtains are worth it?


How good are Soundproof Curtains?

Well, Soundproofing curtains are really effective but only if you get the right one which is thick and has multiple layers. That’s what makes the soundproofing curtains better than regular ones, weight and thickness.

These curtains are capable of blocking external noise by a certain amount and also help in reducing the echo by absorbing sounds within the room (but only at high frequencies.)

Since these are curtains we cannot expect them to completely block the external sound and isolate the room. If you’re looking for complete isolation then soundproofing curtains may not be the best choice for you.

Soundproof Curtains Vs. Regular Curtains

The main difference between a soundproof curtain or a regular curtain lies in the type of material and how many layers are used. Soundproofing curtains contain more layers, and are heavier than regular curtains.

What is a soundproof curtain made of?

Soundproof curtains are usually made up of more than two layers, as we have discussed previously. Two layers of soundproofing curtains are made from “polymer”,while the middle layer is made out of mass-loaded vinyl.

The three-layer structure is not set in stone. It can vary from brand-to-brand. Before purchasing one, be sure to verify the material as well as the number of layers.

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Soundproof Curtain Test

Soundproofing Guide, a YouTube channel, conducted a test to determine the effectiveness of soundproofing curtains. They used a NICETOWN soundproof curtain. These were the observations.

S. No.White NoiseNoise after installing regular CurtainsNoise after installing NICETOWN soundproof Curtains
(with open door)73 dB72 dB66 dB
(with closed door)54 dB57 dB51 dB
soundproof curtains test

Based on our observations, we found that soundproofing curtains could reduce the noise by as much as 7 db. With closed doors (and curtains on) we observed a very surprising result with regular curtains, instead of reducing the noise regular curtains increased it.

It is clear that soundproofing curtains can block noise. Along with it, the Nicetown soundproof curtains’ blackout capabilities are also quite impressive.

room with curtains
room with curtains

Do Soundproof Curtains absorb sound? 

Yes, soundproof curtains do absorb sound, but only at high frequencies. It won’t be very effective with low frequency sounds. So, if you’re considering it for a studio or recording room, don’t just rely on curtain alone.

Though the blackout property of soundproofing curtains could help you in blocking out unwanted sunlight and recording videos.

How much sound does curtains block?

Soundproof curtains are capable of blocking noise by 10 to 20 percent while regular curtains can reduce sound by 1 to 2 percent. If we pair soundproofing curtains with other soundproofing solutions like soundproof windows, foam, etc we can get better results. 

Where to buy Soundproof Curtains?

There are many companies that sell soundproofing curtains, and most of them are selling garbage. It’s easy to fall into this trap and purchase regular curtains that claim soundproofing.

Amazon has been a popular choice for purchasing soundproofing curtains, just check the reviews and ratings before purchasing one.

Another option I would recommend is Nicetown. This is one of the largest curtain brands worldwide. There are plenty of customization options on Nicetown’s official website, that you won’t get on Amazon.


Soundproof curtains are really good, if you’re the right buyer. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea. These curtains do work but they also have limits, you can’t expect a curtain to completely isolate a space. If you pair these curtains with other soundproofing solutions, you will get better results.

A soundproof curtain from Nicetown can reduce noise by 10 to 20 percent, regular curtains on the other hand block little to no sound.