How to quietly break a car window?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to break into a car quietly? Perhaps you accidentally locked your keys inside or needed to rescue a pet or child from a hot vehicle. In such scenarios, knowing how to discreetly break a car window can be invaluable. In this article, we will explore effective techniques to accomplish this task without causing unnecessary attention or damage.

Breaking a car window silently requires finesse and careful execution. By utilizing the right tools and techniques, you can achieve your goal swiftly and efficiently. One common method involves using a center punch or a specially designed emergency escape tool. These tools allow you to apply force to a specific spot on the window, causing it to shatter quietly. However, it’s important to emphasize that these methods should only be used in emergency situations or with proper authorization.

But these techniques are just the tip of the iceberg. In this guide, we will delve into alternative methods that can be employed in different situations. We will discuss the use of improvised tools, such as spark plug ceramic pieces or glass cutters, which can provide a stealthier approach. Additionally, we will explore safety precautions to consider and legal aspects surrounding the use of these techniques. Get ready to acquire the knowledge you need to handle unexpected car lockout situations discreetly.

broken window

Why break a car window?

Breaking your car window already sounds absurd, isn’t it? But in some emergencies, we are left with no option but to break the car windows, a typical example is of course you forgot your keys in the car and then it auto-locked and now you have to have keys to unlock the car. 

Yes, you can take professional help for that matter but what if someone is locked in the car, maybe a child, an elderly person, or a handicapped and he/she/they need immediate medical help or any other situation like maybe the car is overheated in the summer noon, in such emergencies we need to act instantaneously. 

Why break a car window quietly?

You may ask why to break a car window quietly when my intentions are good, simply to avoid misunderstanding. It may be your own car or maybe you are only trying to help but the third person watching may perceive it wrong. 

Now breaking car windows can be really messy and loud, hence in this article we will share the top 10 ways to break car windows quietly, cleanly, and safely so that even if you just want to let your anger out on your car windows, nobody hears it “¬‿¬”!!

An Overview:

  1. Spark Plug
  2. Use the pillow / thick blankets 
  3. Using the duct tape 
  4. Emergency Hammer 
  5.  Mix Smash 

How do you brake a car window?

1. Spark Plug

Car window glass is more robust than regular glass, it will not break easily with blunt objects but rather with sharp objects no matter how small.

 The spark plug is a small component found in your car engine bay, some people also like to call it Ninja Rock. 

It has a ceramic part on its outer side, just break that ceramic part and throw those pieces pointing sharper side towards the glass, and work is done! 

 I had the same doubt “Will it work?”, it does. There are Youtube videos out there if you are curious. Porcelain Bits can also be used for the same.  

2. Using the pillow/thick blankets

Sound waves cannot easily travel through thick and soft objects, so placing a pillow on the car window before directly hitting it will lower the breaking noise. 

In emergencies where you need to break the car window, having a pillow available can be very useful. 

Just put a pillow on the car window and lightly keep hitting the window glass until it breaks. 

You can use thick or soundproof blankets in the same way. You can also place them down where the pieces may fall for safety and to avoid mess. 

3. Using the duct tape

In point 2. We used a pillow to minimize the sound impact while breaking the, the same logic is used here. 

Cover the entire window glass with duct tape, which means ”entire glass” and hit the glass with whatever tool you will be using. 

This method will not only keep the sound minimum but will also keep the glass pieces in place, thus no mess. 

4. Emergency Hammer

All one has to do is hit the glass with the rescue/emergency hammer at the corners of the window and the glass will start cracking. 

You can use a steel punch tool for the same purpose, although some people hit it at the center of the glass, I don’t know why, it seems a little dangerous as all glass pieces will fall on your hand.

Still, it is very important to keep in mind that the corner, “the edges” must be hit, not the center of the glass, as it is thicker.

5. Mix Smash

You might already have got the idea with the heading itself, yes! Using all the ideas mentioned above in different combinations to get the work done. 

For example, cover the glass window with duct tape and smash it with a rescue hammer. This is an excellent method if you want to break windows from the inside. 

Similarly, you can use a pillow or blankets instead of duct tape for the same process. 


Some people advise using a pocket knife to cut the rubber around your window and remove the window with no or minimal but I am personally not sure about this method, just thought of sharing just in case, anything can be of help in emergencies. 

Please note:

This information provided is only if breaking the window is the last resort not otherwise. 

Also, we recommend ensuring your safety by covering your hands and your child with a jacket or a shirt, or anything available to prevent glass pieces from wounding you. 

Also, avoid trying to break the windshield or back window, as not only are they stronger than side windows but their repair cost would also be very high.  

What can you use to break a car window from inside?

When it comes to breaking a car window from the inside, you have a few options. One effective way is the emergency escape hammer. It has a pointed steel tip that you can use to strike the window with force, causing it to break.

Another option is to grab a heavy and durable object, like a metal wrench or a hammer, and strike the window near its edges. Aim for the corners or the lower part of the window, as these areas are usually more vulnerable to breakage. Always prioritize your safety and choose the method that suits your situation best.

Can a headrest break a car window?

Yes, a headrest can be used to break a car window in certain situations. In many cars, the headrests can be removed by pulling them out of their holders. The metal prongs on the headrest can then be used to strike the window with force, focusing on the corners or edges where the glass is more susceptible to breaking.

However, it’s important to note that not all headrests are designed to be easily detachable, so this method may not be applicable in all vehicles. Additionally, using a purpose-built tool like an emergency escape hammer is generally more reliable and effective for breaking car windows in emergency situations.


  1. Is there any unbreakable glass for a car?

Laminated glass for car windows is very difficult to break, you surely cannot break it on your own and will need professional help. 

2. What are the weakest parts of car windows?

The corners or the edges of the car window are the weakest part and easily breakable, that’s why “Hit The Edge”.

3. How loud is it when you break a car window?

Breaking a car window can exceed levels of 150 dB, which can be as loud as a jet plane or hammering a nail. 

4. Which window is easier to break in a car?

The tempered glass window is easier to break than a laminated glass window in a car. 

5. Will a hammer break a car window?

Hammers or rescue hammers can easily break tempered glass windows. 

6. Can car glass break by punch?

Yes, you can use punch tools like hammers, or center punch, but if you are wanting to punch with your hands there is a risk of injury. 

7. Can speakers break glass?

Yes, sound waves with high frequencies and amplitude may break the glass.