Soundproof a Dog Crate (Step by Step Guide)

Dogs are like family members, and we always want to keep them happy and take care of them. I myself being a dog owner (Golden Retriever) and a pet lover, understand how important it is to take care of dogs and keep them safe.

I live in a very noisy city, and my dog always used to wake up because of the noise and other distractions. After researching a lot I found that soundproof dog crates are very effective in such situations but at the same time, they were expensive too so I DIY soundproof my dog’s crate.

In this article, I will share my experience with you and some simple ways you can do the same. 

Soundproof Dog crate

So if you don’t know, what exactly is a soundproof dog crate?

It is a simple dog crate that blocks the external and internal noise, entering and leaving the crate respectively. There are hundreds and thousands of companies selling out their soundproof crates for pets but the question is

Are they really effective?

I asked around 20 dog owners who bought such dog crates available in the market and the outcome was that these ready-made soundproof dog crates are not worth the price tag they come along with. So, DIY soundproofing your dog’s crate is a very cool and effective idea, and trust me you’ll have a super-fun weekend if you try to enjoy the process of designing.

Why do we need soundproof dog crates?

There are many reasons where you may need to soundproof your dog’s crate. As I said, I did it because the external noise was disturbing my dog and he couldn’t sleep well. Well, that’s the case of external noise entering your dog’s crate.

There might be a case where you’re living in a society and your dog’s barking is disturbing other people in the society. It happened to my friend, he owns a German Shepherd who used to bark excessively and neighbours started complaining because he used to disturb the whole society at night.

Some dogs are very scared of noises from Fireworks and Thunderstorms which results in anxious behaviour because they’re feeling very unsafe and uncomfortable. In such situations, soundproofing your dog’s crate is a must so as to make him feel safe and secure.

Is a soundproof dog crate safe?

Well, the safety of your dog should be your first priority and it becomes a very obvious question before getting your dog into a soundproof crate. 

The answer is YES, soundproof dog crates are safe but it’s only safe until your dog feels comfortable in crates, for which you will have to give him crate training first. No one likes to get trapped so do the dogs, so your dog should not feel uncomfortable or trapped in his crate, he should be relaxed while sleeping in the crate or playing around with you.

Here are some problems you should consider before buying a soundproof dog crate:

  • Heat 

A lot of heat will get trapped in your dog’s crate after using soundproofing materials like blankets and foam. A rise in temperature could disturb your dog. That’s why choosing the right type of soundproofing material is very crucial.

  • Suffocation

Make sure your dog is not suffocated inside the crate, it may happen because of the poor oxygen/airflow inside the crate. Filling the crate with a lot of insulation material just for the sake of soundproofing could lead to this issue.

  • Dark

Make sure you don’t end up blacking out the crate while soundproofing it. Dogs like dark areas but completely blacking out the crate is not a good idea, it can stress out your dog.

I would suggest Crate Training your dog before getting him into a soundproof dog crate or a normal crate.

How to soundproof a dog crate?

I have categorized this part into two categories, one is the fully soundproof/isolated crate, and the other is a partially soundproof crate. Before we start let me tell you that things like Blankets, Curtains, Soundproof Foams or Panels will definitely reduce the noise entering or leaving the crate but these things will not isolate the crate completely.

So, if you are facing heavy noise, and it’s disturbing your dog badly then you should consider isolating your dog’s crate. It could be done by using solid materials for building the frame of the crate.

Here are the steps for soundproofing your dog’s crate:

Step 1: Dog Crate Cover

It is a very basic and crucial element for soundproofing your dog’s crate. There are tons of options available in the market but make sure the cover you buy is made up of thick material. 

One of the best things about crate covers is that they are cheap, and at the same time they are easily washable. 

Few things you should know before buying a crate cover:

  • It shouldn’t block all the light entering the crate as if the crate becomes dark your dog might get anxious.
  • The crate covers usually increase the temperature inside the crate, so make sure the material of the crate cover shouldn’t be a high heat absorbent material.
  • The proper amount of oxygen level should be maintained inside the crate, the crate cover should not block all the air entering the crate as it could suffocate your dog.

Step 2: Use soundproof materials

You can install soundproofing foam, panels or Mass Loaded Vinyl (MVL) sheets. They all work fine but I used MVL sheets because using soundproofing foams and panels could lead to a higher temperature rise inside the crate.

But if you live in much cooler regions then don’t mind using foams and panels. 

Step 3: Use moving blankets

I would avoid using blankets but in case, the temperature is not an issue for you then please go for moving blankets. These blankets are really inexpensive and can be used for your dog’s bedding.

Soundproof blankets are specially designed in such a way that it blocks the noise, and at the same time, they are not too heavy or high heat absorbent. Moreover, these moving blankets are very inexpensive and easy to wash.

Note: Please don’t use your home blankets in the crate. These home blankets trap a lot of heat and your dog will get suffocated with that.

Step 4: Install White noise source 

It is a very underrated step for soundproofing your dog’s crate, but some simple music could solve a lot of your problems. Your dog will have a night of better sleep and at the same time, it will stay calm and quiet.

Install a small speaker inside your dog’s crate, this speaker will be used to generate white noise that will help keep the dog calm. Not just this, music works wonders for dogs, especially if your dog is facing anxiety problems. 

Step 5: Install a Ventilation Fan

As we discussed earlier, things like blankets and other soundproofing materials could heat up your dog’s crate by a significant amount. So, if there’s a ventilation fan inside your dog’s crate, not just the crate will get cooler but at the same time, a proper oxygen level will be maintained.

I would highly recommend a ventilation fan, it really works very well.

Step 6: Soundproof your dog’s room

If you have a separate room for your dog, you can simply soundproof the whole room. Start off by soundproofing some major noise sources in the room like doors and windows.

DIY Soundproof Dog Crate

Most of the dog crates are not made up of solid materials, instead, they are like cages, so soundproofing them becomes very difficult. In such cases you can design your own DIY soundproof dog crate by the following steps:

Step 1: Design your crate on paper

diy dog crate

The first step is to make a design of the crate on paper. Let’s design it in a cuboid shape, depending on your dog’s size you can choose the dimensions of the crate. Don’t forget to put a door in the design.

Step 2: Cut the Plywood

The next step is to cut the plywood to the required dimensions. Just find a good carpenter near you and ask him for the same job.

Step 3: Join the pieces

Once you have cut the pieces of the plywood, the next step is to join them, so as to form the required structure of the crate. You can use nails or glue for joining the pieces. 

Step 4: Fix the Door

Use a glass door, so that light could the crate. But make sure you get a good soundproof glass door, not the normal one we use at homes. 

Step 5: Install basics

Install all the elements mentioned in the above steps like ventilation fan and white noise source. 

And yes your dog’s soundproof crate is ready. You can add elements for designing the interior of the crate as per your needs and your dog’s liking.

Why do dogs bark excessively?

Some of the major reasons behind excessive barking are:

  • Anxiety

Dogs often bark when they get anxious. They are like humans, they want to play, eat good food and see the world outside. If your dog spends too much time alone inside a room then it’s a problem. Taking him for a walk, giving him a treat or playing with him might solve your problem.

  • Attention Seeking

Everyone likes attention, so do the dogs. My dog used to bark whenever he needed my attention but I trained him to not bark every time he needs my attention. You have to do the same, if your dog is an attention seeker just don’t give him that attention and train him to be a nice guy.

  • Loneliness

Most of the dogs are like companions and your relationship with your dog should not be one-sided. A dog will give you unconditional love but in return, it expects the same. So, loneliness might be the reason behind the excessive barking of your dog.

  • Scary sounds

Like we discussed earlier, the sounds of thunderstorms and crackers might scare your dog, and it can be one of the reasons behind excessive barking. Soundproofing the crate is the only cure to this problem.

  • Crate Anxiety

“Please don’t lock your dog inside a crate unless he’s comfortable in there”. I know we all have work to do and the dog has to be kept in the crate alone. But you’ve bought a pet, not a robot, it’ll take time for him to get used to you, and the crate.

Crate training is a must in such cases. Try to figure out the problem with your dog and maybe you won’t need a soundproof crate.

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How do I get my dog to stop barking?

First of all, you will have to find out the reason behind your dog’s excessive barking. The solution will depend on the type of problem your dog is facing. 

Spend time with your dog, play with him, take him out for a walk and whenever he listens to you give him a treat. This all comes under basic dog training that every dog owner should learn. 

Building a strong relationship with your dog is very crucial if you want him to listen to you. One cool tip I would like to give you is to keep him tired, dogs love to sleep when they are tired so keep him engaged whenever you get time.

How to crate train your dog?

Crate Training is a step by step process, it can’t be done overnight. Especially in the early days make sure you’re not pushing your dog too much. Let me tell you how I crate trained my dog in these 3 steps:

Step 1: Start slow

When your dog meets the crate, don’t push him right away inside it. Let the gate of the crate open and let him walk around the crate and explore it.

Step 2: Cherish the dog

Whenever your dog goes inside the crate, appreciate him by saying “Good Boy” or anything else. Offer him treats whenever he sits in the crate comfortably.

Step 3: Don’t leave him alone

One of the biggest mistakes dog owners make in the beginning is that they leave their dogs alone locked inside the crate. In the beginning, your dog will not be comfortable in the crate, so, your responsibility is to stay around and be there whenever he needs you.

The basic idea is to spend time with the dog and make him comfortable inside the crate. Dog treats are very crucial in the whole process.

Soundproof Dog Kennel

Usually, kennel’s are larger than crates and the main problem with kennels is echo because of the solid material they are made of. 

You can use the same steps we used for soundproofing your dog’s crate but I would especially suggest using soundproofing panels and tiles for soundproofing your dog’s kennel.


Let me tell you in four words how you can soundproof your dog’s crate Crate Cover, Moving Blankets, and MVL. Just get these three things and you’re halfway done. Though fully soundproofing won’t be possible using these things they work quite well.

For a fully soundproof dog crate, you might need to design a new crate depending on the crate you currently have. Don’t forget to put on a ventilation fan as it will sort out many of your dog’s problems.   

For Soundproof Kennels, I would suggest using soundproof tiles and panels.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or any doubts related to this article. I would love to answer your queries.