Is MDF Good for Soundproofing?

MDF which is known as Medium Density Fiberboard, it is different from solid wood based on the composition of materials. MDF is better for soundproofing because of higher density and an STC rating of 33.

MDF can be easily cut into pieces and used for different purposes, it is an affordable material when compared to solid wood.

The MDF Board

MDF, a type of engineered wood, is one of the more flexible materials available. Any setting, both residential and commercial, can employ this material, and it’s not difficult to discover a place without MDF decor or furnishings.

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MDF provides several advantages over real wood. It is a cost-effective and environmentally beneficial alternative to real solid wood. Additionally, it is more resistant to extreme environments, making it tough and robust.

Are MDF Doors Good for Soundproofing?

MDF can absorb sound since its fibers are randomly arranged and sliced in any direction. They are frequently used to create soundproof enclosures for pumps, speaker boxes, and generators due to their dispersed grain structure, which provides a smooth-to-the-touch surface capable of filtering out the sound.

MDF works well for walls in offices, apartment complexes, and studios, and they are denser than other alternatives, such as OSB and plywood (Oriented Strand Board). This amazing substance blocks out sounds to create a tranquil, whisper-quiet atmosphere.

Due to its thickness, high density, and STC rating, Medium Density Fiberboard is renowned for having exceptional soundproofing properties. MDF can adequately absorb all sound frequencies, which is something most of its substitutes find difficult to do. 

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Can MDF Reduce Sound?

It does, and it’s definitely among the best wood composite materials for soundproofing that you can utilize.

MDF is a little bit more soundproof than real solid wood because of its thickness and density. And the STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating for MDF, which gauges how well a material absorbs sound, reflects this. This metric assesses how effectively US windows, doors, and walls muffle the sound.

The STC rating of MDF is 33. On the other hand, solid wood has an STC rating of roughly 30-32 (based on multiple factors, such as wood density).

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Are MDF Doors Soundproof?

MDF doors are slightly better at soundproofing than solid wood doors, and this material produces results akin to drywalls due to its proper bulk.

MDF Doors are capable of blocking and absorbing upto 20-30% more sounds when paired with other soundproofing materials like Mass Loaded Vinyl, Weather stripping, Door Gaskets and more.

Advantages of MDF Doors

MDF is a very common option because of its many advantages. It is simple to form and has a smooth and pristine surface since, unlike wood, it lacks knots. MDF interior doors are also thought to be much more uniform, sleek, and easy to clean and maintain than other kinds of doors. MDF doors can also be polished and painted with ease. They also respond well to a faux wood treatment, which gives them a more sophisticated appearance.

Strength, sturdiness, and longevity are additional advantages. MDF doors are renowned for being resistant to dents, deformation, rotting, and other forms of harm that regular wood doors are usually prone to. They are completely eco-friendly because they are made from recycled wood and sustainable materials.

Due to its lack of rot, warping, and other damage, MDF doors are easier to keep and cleaner than solid wood doors. Additionally, because of its robust construction, upkeep is usually minimal and just requires periodic wiping down with a damp cloth and applying a fresh coat of paint or finish.

What is MDF cost?

MDF BoardPrice
3/4 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. MDF Panel$59
MDF Panel (Common: 1/2 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft.; Actual: 1/2 in. x 49 in. x 97 in.)$50
3/4-in x 48-in x 8-ft Medium-density Unfinished MDF$67
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This board possesses every quality needed to absorb almost all sound frequencies. MDF works well as a thermal insulation as well. The perfect thickness of this amazing material prevents sound from passing through it.

This engineered wood is affordable, long-lasting, and ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Medium-density fiberboard is adaptable and suitable for a variety of purposes. Above all, you can enhance this board to give your studio, room, apartment, or business space a touch of style and elegance.


  1. Is MDF Good for Doors?
    MDF Doors are better because of two primary reasons, one being the affordable price and the other being the denser material which helps in blocking more sound.
  2. What does MDF Door mean?
    MDF doors are made up of material called Medium Density Fiberboard, this material is different from solid wood on the basis of composition.
  3. Are MDF Doors Durable?
    MDF doors are much more durable than solid wood doors and they are less affected by humidity as well. People are shifting more towards MDF because of affordable price, soundproofing ability and Durability.
  4. Is MDF a Solid Door?
    MDF doors comes in three main categories which are Solid Core, Hollow Core and Fully Solid. There are many other customization options available based on your needs.
  5. Is MDF Door Waterproof?
    MDF Doors are not waterproof or water-resistant but they are completely moisture-resistant.