Is Soundproofing really Expensive in 2023? (Cost and Statistics)

Do you know, I soundproof my room for just $300?

This amount seems quite affordable tho but let me tell you that this amount may vary from person to person depending on the requirements. Also, there are certain myths and misconceptions regarding the cost of soundproofing your house or a room. In this article, I will tell you how much it will cost you to soundproof your room or your house.

(Please note I am not talking about completely isolating the room here, it’s very expensive for normal people like us to completely soundproof a room. I am taking about reducing the noise next to nil if you live in an area with decent noise and I am only using affordable products here)

So, let’s see “Is soundproofing really expensive?”

The cost of soundproofing a room may vary from $300 – $2500 depending on various factors such as the Area of the Room, Quality of soundproofing material used, Expertise of the labour, Level of soundproofing needed, and other equipment required. It may range up to $4000 if high-quality materials are used.

It was a very short and direct answer to your question and I am sure you are very excited to know more about it in detail. So, let’s jump right in.

Before soundproofing the room you will have to know the different segments or elements of the room that will need soundproofing. So, there are basically 5 segments which are as follows:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Ceiling
  • Walls
  • Floor

If you just focus on soundproofing all of the above segments one by one, I guarantee you that your room will be fully soundproof. Let’s discuss one by one how much it costs to soundproof all of these elements.

1. Cost of soundproofing a door

The cost of soundproofing a door falls in the range of $100 – $1500. You can use Weatherstrips, Rubber Sweep, Caulk, Curtains, Blankets, and Rugs if you are on a lower budget. While using Soundproofing paint and Mass Loaded Vinyl (MVL) will definitely increase your budget.

Using Solid doors in place of hollow doors is one of the best options for soundproofing a door but Solid doors are very expensive as compared to hollow doors so I won’t suggest them if you’re on a budget. Solid doors will cost you around $200 – $450 while hollow doors fall in the range of $50 – $150.

If you want to know more about soundproofing a door, please check “How to soundproof a door?

2. Soundproofing Windows Cost

It will be expensive if you are buying a new double/triple pane glass window or a Laminated glass window. All of them work really well but if you don’t face any severe noise and you are on a budget then I won’t suggest them. 

A Double pane glass window will cost you around $310 – $850, while a Triple pane glass window will cost you around $515 – $1025, and last but not least Laminated glass window falls in the range of $900 – $1000+

You can soundproof windows cheaply by using: 

These were some cheap ways of soundproofing a window but obviously, the level of soundproofing will not be that high. Using these cheap items you can soundproof a window for around $75 – $300.

3. Soundproof Ceiling Cost

There are basically three ways to soundproof your ceiling:

  1. Use soundproofing paint
  2. Install Acoustic Foam Tiles
  3. Install Acoustic Panels

Soundproofing paint will cost you around $200 – $300 and you will also require labour for getting the job done. For the acoustic foam and acoustic panel, you can install them yourself and they are much cheaper as compared to the paint.

soundproof wall with holes

A 12″ X 12″ X 1″ Soundproofing Foam Tile will cost you around $1.14. The price may vary depending on the quality of the foam used. While soundproofing panels are large in size and on average a 24x48x2 Inches soundproofing panel will cost you around $58.

4. Cost of soundproofing walls

Walls already block a lot of noise entering the room, but in some cases when we don’t have enough objects in a large room we can face the problem of echo. Soundproofing walls simply means reducing the sound reflections through them and making them more sound absorbent.

We can again use Acoustic paint, Sound Deadening Curtains, Acoustic Foams, and Soundproofing Panels for doing the same. It depends on the level of noise and the level of soundproofing required for choosing the right material.

On an average soundproofing walls could range from $80 – $250.

5. Cost of soundproofing the floor

The aim is to make each and every part of your room more sound absorbent. Carpeting plays a major role while we talk about soundproofing the floor. The cost of carpeting in the United States falls in the range of $600 – $1000.

It seems quite high, right?

Let me tell you a cheaper way. Mass Loaded Vinyl (MVL) is another way of soundproofing your floor, a roll of 40 square feet of MVL will cost you around $100

In case, you are not much concerned about soundproofing the floor then you can simply buy some Rugs and Carpets for under $100.

Calculate the total cost for your room (Step-by-Step)

Let me guide you through the process of calculating the amount you will need to spend for soundproofing your room. You can choose the quality of soundproofing material as per your requirements and budget, I will only run you through the process of calculating the total cost.

Step 1: Find the Area of your Room

For finding the area of your room we will use a simple mathematical formula which is,

Area = Length * Breadth

You will need a measuring scale for doing this step or you can even ask your parents about the dimensions of your room in case they are aware of it.

After this step, we’ll have the total area of the room in square feet.

Now, similarly, find the area of the windows and the door.

Step 2: Subtract the area of windows and door from the total area

In this step, we are calculating the total area which includes the area of walls, ceiling, and floor. Simply, subtract the total area by the area of windows and doors for doing the same.

person holding a dollar

Step: 3 Find the number of foam panels you need

While buying the foam panels, note down their dimensions. Find the area of each panel and then divide the total area with the area of a single panel. Now, we have the total number of panels. 

Multiply the cost of each panel with the total number of panels we need. While calculating the cost of panels you can subtract the area of the floor and other areas where you don’t need foam panels.

You might not need a full room covered with foam tiles, so make changes to the area accordingly.

Step 4: Calculate the soundproofing charges for Windows and Doors

Now add the cost for soundproofing the doors and the windows to the total cost. It depends totally on you, how much you want to spend on doors and windows as we discussed earlier. 

Step 5: Add additional charges

You might need Curtains, Blankets, Rugs, Caulking, Blankets, etc, add the amount to the total cost accordingly. 

Step 6: Add Labour charges

Depending on the expertise of your labour the charges may vary. So, before you hire someone ask them for a quote for the whole project and add it to the total cost.

Step 7: Calculate the total cost  

Now add all the charges and calculate the total amount you need. All of the above steps are not fixed steps, you can make changes to them as per your need, just make sure you have a blueprint for the project before it starts.

Expensive Soundproofing Materials

To help you out I have created a list of expensive soundproofing materials that work really well.  If you are considering soundproofing for professional purposes like Podcast recording, Video Recording, etc and this is your professional job then you should consider these items.

S.No.ItemAverage PriceNotes
1.Soundproof Paint$45/gallon1 gallon of paint can be used for up to 400 square feet of wall.
2. Solid Door$200 – $450 per doorThe price may go up to $1500 depending on the quality.
3. Soundproof glass door$1250 – $3500Includes Labour cost and other expenses.
4. Triple pane glass$500 – $1000 per windowAdditional $30-$50 labour cost will also be there.
5. Carpeting$600 – $1000This is the process of fully soundproofing your floor. 
Mass Loaded Vinyl (MVL)$235For 4.5’ x 30’ (135 SF)

Cheap Soundproofing materials

Sometimes college students like me who are living in hostels or as paying guests might need to soundproof their rooms for making youtube videos or anything like that. If you fall in this category and you don’t need a full pin drop silence level of soundproofing then you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on it. 

Here’s a list of some cheap and really effective items that will help you out.

S.No.ItemAverage PriceNotes
1.Rubber Sweep$8 – $20Must have item for me
2.Caulking gun$10 – $30Used for filling small cracks and holes
3.Soundproofing blanket$20 – $50Work really well for soundproofing doors
4.Soundproofing Curtains$20 – $30Please select sound dreading curtains carefully.
5.Insulation foam$5 – $7 per bottleUsed for filling the hollow door usually.
6.Rugs$30 – $100Depends on size
7. Weatherstrips$8 – $15Again a must have item for people running on budget
8. Door Draft Blocker$15 – $20An alternative for rubber sweep.
9. Foam Tile$1.14 per For 12″ X 12″ X 1″ tile
10.Soundproofing panel$58For 24x48x2 Inches panel


Well, I would say Soundproofing is NOT expensive. I have categorized all the people who need soundproofing into two classes, one is the Moderate class and the other one is the Professional class. 

All of the people who don’t need a pin drop silence in their rooms come under the Moderate category and others who need proper silence for professional work come under the Professional category. Obviously, as the level of soundproofing will increase the soundproofing will get more expensive.

Cost of soundproofing for Moderate class falls in the range of $300 – $1000, while the cost for the Professional class will run you through $1000 – $3500.

I hope you liked the article, in case you have any questions or any suggestions please let me know in the comment section below. I would love to answer your queries.