Sound deadening vs Sound blocking

Well, when we talk about soundproofing some people confuse it with sound deadening while other confuse it with sound blocking. But it’s very important to understand the difference between the two.

I know it’s a very short article but the importance of this article cannot be justified with it’s length. If I were to start soundproofing for the first time the very first thing I would do would be to read this article.
In this article you’ll get to know what’s the exact difference between sound absorption and sound blocking.

Sound Deadening vs Sound Blocking

Sound deadening is also known as sound absorption, as the name suggests, it means absorbing the sounds within a space which could be your bedroom, office or even your car.

If we talk about materials used for sound deadening, they are completely different from materials used for sound blocking. We use soft materials that help soak the sound waves when they hit the surface of the material.

Sound absorption materials in real-life are basically used for absorbing noises such as echos or any other noise within the space. Some examples of sound deadening materials are soundproof foam, soundproof panels, rugs, soundproof curtains, blankets and much more.

In comparison, Sound Blocking is simply blocking the external noise entering a particular space (room, office etc.). Here trying to place a barrier in between outer space and the space we have defined ourselves.

The materials used for sound blocking are generally hard and dense. Solid Core doors are a great example of sound blocking material.

If we combine both the concepts of sound deadening and sound absorption, we come up with the whole concept of Soundproofing. So, soundproofing is nothing but reducing noise inside the room (echo) and blocking the external noise entering the room.