The Truth about Soundproof Blankets: Do They Work?

The ever-growing topic of soundproofing is starting to get some real traction these days. In that case, using a soundproof blanket for soundproofing purposes is one of the most common and cheapest ways of doing the job. 

However, do soundproof blankets even work? Or the hype surrounding these blankets is all for nothing. Let’s find that out. 

If you want a straight answer then, Yes Soundproof Blankets really work but don’t expect them to block 100 per cent of external noise. Like soundproof curtains, they’re more of sound deadeners rather than sound blockers.

Those who want to dig more and find out if soundproof blankets are for you or not? 

Let’s jump right in.

Do Soundproof Blankets Work? 

Soundproof blankets in a nutshell: A soundproof blanket is a large and chunky piece of material that can be installed on floors, walls, and ceiling to effectively deaden sound and prevent echo. 

So, to answer your question- Yes, soundproof blankets do work as long as they’re made of the right materials and have an STC rating. Having an STC rating proves that the blanket is field-tested to deaden sound. 

However, don’t take the term “soundproofing” for granted as you might get disappointed. Soundproofing blankets do work very effectively, no doubt about that. But, if you’re planning to install soundproof blankets hoping that the blankets will isolate you from the outside environment, I am telling you first-hand that it’s not going to work. We see similar results when we talk of soundproof curtains.

Soundproof blankets will have a drastic effect on dampening the sound in your space but they have little to no influence in blocking the sound waves coming from the outside. Now then, let’s dive in a little deeper on the working of soundproof blankets. 

How do Soundproof Blankets Work? 

First of all, you’ll have to stop believing that the terms sound-proofing and sound-blocking have more or less the same meaning. No! These two terms are not even close to being the same, at least not in the case of these blankets. 

Sound-proofing is essentially sound-deadening or sound-dampening. That said, soundproof blankets dampen or deaden the sound by absorbing the sound waves within the space while doing almost nothing for the noise coming from the outside.

Acoustic blankets are thicker than usual sheets and have a porous surface. They absorb the sound waves within the room, keeping the reverberations at bare minimum levels. You can expect to see a great reduction in echo after you install soundproof blankets in your area. 

This reduction in echo helps to effectively reduce the decibel levels in your room and make the area quiet enough to record a podcast or even sing a song. However, acoustic blankets provide an even better, exceptional sound-deadening effect at the cost of an extra few dollars. 

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Some Effective Uses of Soundproof Blankets 

Now that you know the legitimacy of soundproofing blankets, you might want to get one for yourself. In that case, here are some practical and effective uses of soundproof blankets that might be helpful for you:

  • Making Your Space Quieter

Needless to say, soundproof blankets will reduce the reverberations and echoing in your space, giving you a perfect sense of calmness. Moreover, you can utilize these soundproof blankets as sound barriers within your home to reduce noise throughout the whole area. 

You can also couple them with soundproof curtains and proper sound insulation to effectively get rid of outside noise to a great extent. 

  • Creating a Studio at Your Home 

You can cover the walls of your room with soundproof blankets to convert it into a recording studio. You won’t need to spend hundreds to book a studio for recording your podcast. The blankets will remove the echoing effect in your room to make your voice sound clear and crisp with little to no background interference. 

uses of soundproof blanket infographic
  • Having a Private Study Space

All that annoying background noises and interference around your study space make it hard to focus while studying and tampers with your concentration. Using multiple soundproofing blankets, you can create your own private space for studying, it’s especially helpful if you live in a shared apartment. 

Using Soundproof Room Dividers also help in creating a private space and improve the acoustics of the room.

  • Soundproofing Your Appliances

Modern electrical appliances like air conditioners, dishwashers, and washing machines do produce a lot of annoying noise at times. In that case, you can utilize these soundproof blankets to deaden the noise emitting from your appliances. 

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Choosing the Right Soundproof Blanket: 5 Things to Look for When Buying

With all the fuss going around these special soundproofing blankets, some not-so-reputed brands will try to sell you a non-functioning blanket with a tag of soundproofing on it. In that case, you have to be extra careful while picking the best soundproof blankets for your home. 

After all, you would never want your hard-earned money to go to waste. Let’s look at some factors based on which you can be confident while purchasing soundproof blankets for your home:

  • The credibility of the Brand: A brand’s credibility is the first thing you should look for while purchasing a soundproof blanket. Always purchase your soundproofing blankets from trusted brands only. I’ve listed some credible brands in the end of this article.

Reputed brands are reputed because they’re not deceitful. You have little to no chance of getting fooled while buying a soundproof blanket from a well-reputed brand. 

guide for choosing the right soundproof blanket infographic
  • Fabric Used: A breathable fabric is used in sound dampening blankets because it allows airflow through the internal layers resulting in dampening of sound. For checking if the material is breathable or not, just blow some air from one side of the material if it comes out from the other side then the fabric is breathable.

    Some common fabrics used for filling the inner layers of soundproof blankets are:

  • Fibreglass foam
  • Recycled Cellulose
  • Mass Loaded Vinyl
  • Cotton
  • Mineral Wool
  • Layering: A high-quality fully functional soundproof blanket will have multiple layers. These layers allow the sound waves to penetrate deeper into the blankets, enabling better absorption. Multiple layers also make the blanket thick and heavy at the same time. 
  • Design: Soundproof blankets come in multiple designs having different sound-dampening capabilities and costs. You should avoid spending extra money on designs you don’t need. 

For example- If you want soundproofing in your workspace where concentration and focus are an utter requirement, you should consider installing acoustic blankets for minimal noise interruption. 

However, if you want normal sound-dampening in your home, cheaper moving blankets will do the trick, no need to spend extra on blankets with better soundproofing capabilities. 

  • Pricing: Everything starts with a budget, needless to say, you should purchase a blanket that fits in your budget. For instance, the cheaper the blanket, the worse its sound-deadening capability will be. 

Avoid going for extremely cheaper soundproof blankets or all your money will go to waste, such cheaper blankets won’t be of much use to you if you want some decent soundproofing. 

  • Installation: You should take the complexity of the blanket installation as some soundproof blankets can be very tedious for you to install, especially the ones lacking grommets. Grommets allow easy installation as they allow the blanket to hang on walls, making the installation and maintenance process easier. 

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How to hang Soundproof Blankets?

There are a couple of ways of hanging soundproof blankets and depending on your situation you can use any of them. But the one that works in most of the cases is:

Grommet kit and Paracord

An ideal grommet kit comes with 12 grommets (½ inch). This kit is designed for 2 sizes of grommet so it comes with 2 cutters for making the holes of the right size, and you also get a piece of wood to back those cutters while making holes. 

Grommet Kit image from Amazon
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To install the grommets, the kit comes with an anvil for one side of the grommet. Along with this, you get two punch heads.

For hanging the blankets you can put 3 to 4 grommets on one edge of the blanket and then use a Paracord for hanging it. You can watch this video for hanging the blanket using grommets:

You can also use nails or spring clamps depending on where you are installing a soundproof blanket. If you got a drop ceiling in your home then here’s how you can hang them.

Soundproof Blanket Test

I came across this really cool test video  “Kennis Russel” performed with the soundproof blankets on his youtube channel. He used a soundproof blanket from for soundproofing the door.

The setup for the test was something like this, he recorded his guitar tunes and played them on a speaker acting as a noise source. The speaker was placed in the room right next to the door. 

Along with the blanket he also used the Audimute Soundproofing Acoustic Door seal kit for the test. Let’s check out the results he obtained.

Here are the observations with and without the blanket when the door was open (there was a certain distance between the noise source and the door):

Door Open (without Blanket)Door Open (With Blanket)
High81.6 dB74.2 dB
Low72.6 dB66.8 dB

And these were the observations when he closed the door:

Door Closed (without Blanket)Door Closed (With Blanket)
High67.8 dB66.8 dB
Low59.5 dB55.1 dB

And these were the final results he obtained when he used both the soundproof blanket and the door seal:

Door OpenDoor Closed (With Blanket and Door Seal)
High77 dB63.3 dB
Low63.4 dB52.5 dB

These were some quite interesting numbers and it’s very clear that a soundproof blanket all alone is not gonna help you in blocking external sound. You can use an acoustic seal and other soundproofing products like Foam for effective results.

Here is the video if you want to see the full experiment:

Moving Blankets: An Affordable Alternative

Many people confuse soundproof blankets with moving blankets but let me get straight to the point. Both of them are different they are NOT SAME

Moving blankets are made of thick materials and that’s the reason many people use them for sound dampening as well. But the main purpose of moving blankets is to protect the furniture or other heavy household materials by acting as a shock-absorbent and provide cushioning to whatever they are covering.

Well, an obvious question arises now,

Do Moving Blankets work for Soundproofing?

The answer is YES, they work quite well for dampening sound because of the thickness and the heavy fabric they carry, moving blankets are quite an affordable alternative.

Compared to soundproof blankets, they are not as good in terms of dampening but they are pretty cheap and those who are on a budget should definitely try them out. Moving Blankets are generally made up of a mix of cotton and polyester material.

My friend used this blanket I’ve mentioned below and he was happy with the purchase so if you’re going to buy a moving blanket you can consider this.

Sure Max 80’’ x 72’’ Moving Blankets, it’s a pack of 12 pieces for $69.99 which means a single piece would cost you $5.83 only. 

5 Best Soundproof Blanket Choices

In case you have made up your mind to purchase a soundproof blanket for yourself, I’ve filtered out some of the best soundproof blankets for you to easily purchase from Amazon:

  1. Audimute Sound Dampening Blanket

Product Highlights:

  • NRC rating: 0.85
  • Size: 95” x 54” 
  • Grommets: 3 metal grommets on each 54’’ side
  • Includes hanging hardware
  • Made in USA
  • Price: $90

2. US Cargo Control Large Sound Blanket

Product Highlights:

  • Size: 96” x 80”
  • Grommets
  • Cotton/Polyester blend
  • Durable
  • Machine Washable
  • Price: $59.99

3. Quiet Barrier™ Fiberglass Composite

Product Highlights:

  • Size: 2ft x 2ft or 2ft x 4ft
  • STC Rating: 29
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Thickness: 1 in
  • Price: $112 – $126

Moving Blanket Options

1. US Cargo Control Supreme Mover Moving Blanket

Product Highlights:

  • Material: Quilted Cotton/Polyester blend
  • Size: 80’’ x 72’’
  • Safe to wash in machines
  • Ideal for insulating appliances 
  • Price: $35-$100

2.Sure-Max Moving Blankets 

Product Highlights:

  • Reinforced double-lock stitched fabric
  • Dual side for enhanced durability and protection 
  • Price: $17-$35 

3. Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes Blankets

Product Highlights:

  • Comes in 4 variants
  • Double-lock stitching and pre-consumer batting
  • Extreme durability 
  • Price: $35-$85 


Soundproof Blankets do work very well as a sound dampening material but for blocking external noise you shouldn’t place any bid on them. We can use other materials like soundproof curtains, acoustic foam or panels along with these blankets for better results.

Those who are on a budget should definitely try moving blankets as we discussed in the article they’re quite an affordable alternative. These blankets can be used anywhere around the room wherever you need soundproofing, from walls, ceilings, windows to a door it can be used everywhere.

A final tip, a lot of sellers are selling regular blankets as soundproof blankets so please make sure you check the quality of the material,  you can use the tips I’ve mentioned in the article.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below, I would love to answer your questions and it also helps me in learning new things at the same time. 


What Blankets are Soundproof?

Soundproof Blankets are heavy and made up of thick fabric and multiple layers. Also, they have  STC ratings or NRC ratings marked on them. These layers are made up of materials like Fiberglass, Cellulose, Cotton, and Mineral Wool.

Are blankets good for soundproofing?

Definitely YES, Blankets are effective for soundproofing. Soundproof blankets are cheap if you don’t have money even for soundproofing curtains you can use regular blankets for soundproofing doors, windows, ceilings, or any other thing.

How much are soundproof blankets?

You can find a lot of options while buying a soundproof blanket. The starting price is around $15 and you can buy a combo of multiple pieces for around $100. The expensive one is around $90.

How do soundproof blankets work?

Soundproof blankets are made up of thicker fabric than usual sheets and have a porous surface. They absorb the sound waves within the room, keeping the reverberations at bare minimum levels. More layers mean that the sound waves will have to travel through more layers resulting in dampening of sound.

Are sound blankets the same as moving blankets?

No, both of them are not the same. Moving blankets are furniture padding blankets basically designed for protecting furniture while soundproofing blankets are specially designed for absorbing sound. Moving blankets can be used as soundproof blankets as they’re thicker as compared to regular ones.

How much do moving blankets reduce sound?

They work quite well compared to the regular blankets but don’t expect them to magically absorb all the sound. Try to use other soundproofing items like foam, soundproofing curtains etc or you can pair these blankets along with furniture for better results.