Soundproof Booth – Is it Worth it?

I helped one of my friends (Genelia) in designing a soundproof booth at her home. She’s a home studio artist and she lives in a very noisy area, so instead of soundproofing the whole room, she decided to build a separate soundproof booth in her room.

She asked me this question before we started the project, “Is it worth it?”

Yes, soundproof booths are very effective and if you’re in the field of recording audios, where audio quality really matters a lot then you should definitely get one. Singers, YouTubers, Podcasters and all the home studio artists should give it a try.

I was really infatuated when I first heard that there’s something like a “Soundproof booth”. I researched a lot on it, as the ready-made price for a soundproof booth was quite high so I also searched for some DIY hacks. 

I will share everything with you in this article and by the end of this article, I am sure you’ll be able to decide by your own whether it’s worth it or not.

Purpose of Soundproof Booth

Soundproof booths are getting quite popular, as it’s an easy way to record audios or videos at home. These vocal booths serve two major purposes which are:

  • Sound Absorption
  • Sound Isolation

Sound absorption means removing all the unnecessary sound reflections by using sound-absorbing materials around the walls of the booth. One of the major problems we might face while recording is “echo” ; it’s an unnecessary noise that completely disturbs the whole content.

The second purpose is sound isolation, which means you will get your own personal space without any external noise. Especially for those people who live in noisy areas and want to record high-quality audios, it’s a very crucial component.

So, if you are a Singer, Rapper, YouTuber, Podcaster or a home studio artist, this article is for you. 

You might find recording studios near your home and they will charge you a certain amount for using all their tools and accessories, and of course, the whole studio will be soundproof. But the problem with these studios is that they will charge you quite a lot, and that’s the reason why soundproof booth’s become such a handy option.

man recording in a soundproof booth

Where to place the booth in the room?

You have to find a low noise location in the room and install your booth there. If you are building a DIY booth then find an isolated corner in the room and then join that corner with two parallel plywood sheets for making the frame of your isolation booth.

Size of a soundproof booth

The size of your soundproof booth depends on your requirements. Basically, the size depends on how much space you will need for setting up the recording gear and some extra space for standing or sitting. 

I designed a 4 x 4 feet soundproof booth for my friend as she just needed space for fitting in some basic gear like a mic and stands. All of the other controls were set outside the booth.

S.No. Size of Vocal Booth (feet)Purpose
1. 4 x 4Perfect for singers or podcasters who just want to fit in Mic and stands inside the booth.
2. 4 x 5Could fit 2 persons with 2-3 Mic stands
3. 4 x 7 or 4 x 82 persons with other musical instruments like Piano, Mic, Stands etc.
4. 6 x 6 Could fit 1 person with a drum kit.
5. 8 x 8Quite a large space and it could fit 2 persons with a drum kit and some basic gear.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the available space for the above dimensions. You can choose the dimensions as per the available space, just make sure you design a blueprint before starting the project. 

How a soundproof booth is made?

A vocal booth is a fully soundproof space covered with soundproofing foam on the walls. It’s quite a smaller space as compared to the room that’s why it becomes easy to soundproof it with much more efficiency. 

Most of the soundproof booths have a small glass window that helps you connect to the control room that is where your computer and other tools are kept. A small 18 – 30 Watt of LED light is generally fitted inside the booth.

Soundproof Booth Cost

This is going to be a really shocking section of this article as the price tag might change you mind of buying a booth. Market price for a soundproof booth would run you through $850 – $6000.

That’s a lot of money, right?

But don’t worry if you are a home studio artist and you don’t have the budget for a ready made booth, you can make one on your own. DIY booths are getting popular day-by-day and there’s a certain reason for that.

DIY booth would cost you around $50 – $500, 

that’s a huge difference in the price, right?

The level of sound isolation of the DIY booths might not match with the level of ready-made vocal booths but in terms of sound absorption, they work quite well. 

Along with DIY booths, I would recommend spending some extra bucks on soundproofing your room’s doors and windows for better isolation as most of the external noise enters through windows and doors only.

Check out our article on “How to soundproof a Door?” and “How to soundproof a Window?”

1.Soundproof Booth$850 – $6000
2. DIY Soundproof Booth$50 – $500

Air conditioning a soundproof booth

One of the biggest problems people face with soundproof booth’s is the Heat, as it’s a small space and all the heat released from your body will also get trapped inside the booth. Especially, for people who live in warm locations I would suggest installing a fan or a small air conditioner in the booth. 

People from cooler locations don’t have to worry about this problem, you’ll have a perfect time in there. 

I know you will spend a lot of time in your booth as recording is not a one take process, and you will have to take multiple shots for getting that one perfect shot. I would highly recommend getting a fan installed in your booth because my friend suffered with the same problem.

I used this Small Room Air Circulator Fan for my friend’s booth.

Soundproof booth alternatives for recording audio

Well if you don’t even want to hustle for building a DIY booth and you also don’t have money for the ready-made booth then there are some other options that could help you record clear audio.

  1. Microphone Isolation Shield

It provides a small microphone shield made up of high density sound absorbing foam. So, if you have a good noise isolated room then you can use this shield for recording high-quality audio as it removes unnecessary echo and other noise reflections.

isolation shield for recording
  1. Vocal Booth Box

Yes, you read it right, it’s a vocal booth box. The vocal booth box is similar to the Microphone Isolation Shield, the only difference is the shape. As the name suggests, the Vocal booth box is box-shaped while the Microphone Isolation shield is in the shape of a shield. Both of them serve the same purpose.

booth box for recording


Soundproof Booths are definitely worth it, but the only catch is that you should build a DIY booth instead of buying a ready-made one. As ready-made soundproof booths would cost you fortune while DIY booths are comparatively way cheaper.

Talking about the size, you should build a 4 x 4 feet vocal booth if you are a solo home studio artist, and your major focus is just to record high quality audios.

Along with DIY booths I would recommend getting your room’s  windows and doors soundproof as DIY booths do not provide a very high-quality sound isolation from external noise.