The Truth about Soundproof Curtains: Do They Work?

Soundproof curtains have gained a lot of popularity these days just because people are understanding the need of soundproofing after the pandemic. Be it work from home jobs or home studios, we all need a space at home to work. As the name suggests, these types of curtains can reduce sound.

But what type of sound?

Are they effective in minimizing the sound coming from outside the windows?

Or it’s just a hype bubble that’ll inevitably burst at some point.

Let’s find out just that.

If you’re here just to find out, Do Soundproof Curtains really work?

then here is the answer:

To answer this question, it’s important to know about soundproofing and its different types.

There are two main types of soundproofing: sound reduction and sound absorption. Sound reduction is about stopping or blocking sound from getting into a space. It helps keep your room quiet by preventing outside noises like weather, people talking outside, or traffic sounds from coming in. On the other hand, sound absorption, also known as sound deadening, is about reducing echoes and reverberations caused by sounds already inside a room.

According to many reviews, soundproof curtains are great for reducing echoes in a room, which is called sound deadening. However, it’s important to know that they are not very effective in blocking outside sounds, which is what we call sound reduction. This means that while soundproof curtains can help make a room less noisy by reducing echoes, they won’t make the loud sounds from outside go away completely.

Soundproof curtains are a simple solution to make a room quieter, but they can’t solve all the noise problems completely.

If you want to find out how these curtains work and how to find the best soundproof drapes then keep reading this article. 

Do soundproof curtains really work?

Soundproof curtains reduce the amount of noise, as the name suggests. They’re known to be the cheapest way of reducing irritating noise especially when you’re living in a metropolitan area. However, there’s very little truth in that statement. 

Soundproofing curtains do work, they work very effectively, no doubt about that. 

But there is a catch– they work as sound deadeners instead of sound blockers. Is there a difference between sound-deadening and soundproofing? 

Yes, there is am absolute difference. The concept of echo and decibels comes into play here, Soundproofing drapes are effective in reducing the echo but terribly fail to reduce the decibels of the sound.

image explaining difference between sound deadening sound absorption
sound deadening and blocking

Sound deadening vs Sound blocking

Sound deadening is also known as sound absorption, as the name suggests, it means absorbing the sounds within a space which could be your bedroom, office or even your car.

If we talk about materials used for sound deadening, they are completely different from materials used for sound blocking. We use soft materials that help soak the sound waves when they hit the surface of the material.

Sound absorption materials in real-life are basically used for absorbing noises such as echos or any other noise within the space. Some other examples of sound deadening materials are acoustic foam, acoustic panels, rugs, blankets and much more.

In comparison, Sound Blocking is simply blocking the external noise entering a particular space (room, office etc.). Here trying to place a barrier in between outer space and the space we have defined ourselves.

The materials used for sound blocking are generally hard and dense. Solid Core doors are a great example of sound blocking material.

Types of Curtains

There are three types of soundproofing drapes you will find in the market.

  1. Soundproof Curtains

These are basically made of sound absorbing materials that help in reducing noise and absorbing sounds like echo inside the room.

2. Acoustic Curtains

Some people say these curtains are used for blocking outside noise while others say these are used for improving the acoustics of the room by absorbing echos’. I don’t know which group to join but these are just names, you should focus on the benefit only. If needed you can swap the names of soundproof or acoustic drapes. (If you find any accurate information regarding this please let me know in the comments)

3. Soundproof Blinds

Again it’s a type of curtain, unlike regular blinds soundproof blinds are more thick and offer insulation.

How Do Soundproof Curtains Work? 

So, that does answer your question, soundproofing curtains do work but not in the way you expect them to be, they serve the purpose of sound-deadening or echo-cancelling and do not provide actual soundproofing. 

Let’s understand the working of soundproofing curtains by taking a practical example, you can even try this at home if you haven’t yet. When you play music on your phone in your bathroom, do you notice that the clarity suffers a lot? 

Or at the time of your house’s renovation when the rooms and halls are empty, you can certainly notice the echo as there is nothing to absorb the sound generated from the source. An echo is nothing but multiple reflections of sound waves. 

So, when you play music in your bathroom, there is nothing to absorb the sound and stop the echoing effect. In another case, if you play music in your wardrobe full of clothes, you can experience the true, crisp sound without the slightest of extra noise. That’s because the clothes absorb all the excess sound or echo, effectively reducing the noise. 

That’s exactly how these drapes work. They deaden the noise inside pretty effectively by absorbing the sound waves, thanks to the porous surface of these drapes that allows them to do so. You can expect to see a great reduction in echo in your room after you install soundproofing curtains. 

They effectively absorb the excess sound and prevent echo in your room. However, the disappointing fact is that the effect of a soundproofing curtain is next to none when it comes to blocking the noise coming from the outside

So, just installing a soundproof curtain alone to get rid of outside noises won’t help you. You need to fix other sources of noise inside your room as well like windows, door or walls.

Soundproof Curtains for Door

You can hang a soundproof curtain on a door using a curtain rod and reduce the noise entering through the door. Remember that these curtains are not gonna completely block the sound entering through the door, you’ll need to take other measures like fixing holes/cracks in the door or attaching door sweep to block the noise entering underneath.

Here’s a soundproofing curtain for door(especially designed) from mmtacoustics.

soundproof curtain for door on orange wall

Soundproof Curtains for Studio

Soundproof Curtains serve both as Sound Blockers and Sound absorbers. In recording studios, the quality of sound matters a lot and at the same time it is very important that outside noise shouldn’t enter the studio.

These soundproofing drapes helps in absorbing echo or noise, and also block external noise enter the studio. Though it’s very important to understand that these curtains alone will not block all the noise or absorb all the echoes, they can only help in reducing it upto a certain amount.

You should seek professional advice for building a studio because soundproofing is a complex concept and the right balance of products and materials is important.

You can hang the soundproofing curtain on the windows, doors or even walls of the studio.

Soundproof Curtains IKEA

There are not many soundproof curtain options available on IKEA, here’s the only one I could find.

GUNNLAUG Sound absorbing curtain is made from a particular fabric which is a stylish curtain capable of absorbing sound and many other qualities.

ikea soundproof curtain

This curtain on IKEA would cost you around $50. I recommend also checking similar products on Nicetown, they offer customization options and specialize in multi-layer soundproofing curtains.

Soundproof Curtains Test

A YouTube channel called “SoundproofingGuide“performed a test to check the performance of NICETOWN’s Curtain. These were the observations:

S. No.White NoiseNoise after installing regular CurtainNoise after installing NICETOWN soundproof Curtain
(with open door)73 dB72 dB66 dB
(with closed door)54 dB57 dB51 dB
curtain test

From the observations we noticed that for louder sounds Nicetown soundproof curtain can reduce the noise by up to 7 db. Also, with closed doors (and drapes on) we observed a very surprising result with regular curtains, instead of reducing the noise they (regular) increased it and there’s a science behind that.

So, it can be clearly seen that soundproof drapes alone do work very well with blocking noise. Along with it, the Nicetown’s curtain blackout properties are quite outstanding.

Check out the video for the full overview:

How much do soundproof curtains reduce noise?

It really depends on the quality of the curtain you are using. A thicker curtain will reduce more noise compared to the other one. Rest depends on other properties like layering, size, and the material used.

Still if you ask me to guess, from the test above you can clearly see that there’s reduction of 5-7 dB. Some websites will show you that these drapes can block 80 to 90 per cent of outside noise but that’s not true. Soundproofing is a complicated concept and professional advise should be taken before making any decision.

Buying Guide for Soundproofing Curtain

A Soundproofing curtain is thicker than a regular curtain. That being said, brands often tend to put a soundproof curtain tag on any curtain thicker than the usual ones. You have to take care of that as wasting your money on non-functional products is the last thing you’ll ever want. 

A fully functional soundproof curtain will be heavy and tightly woven and will cover the area from ceiling to the floor, covering a few extra inches past and each side of the window. These extra inches create multiple folds in the curtain that act as a perfect sound absorber while making a seal around the sides. 

Here are some factors based on which you can choose an effective soundproof curtain:

  1. Weight

Soundproof curtain is heavier than a regular one because more weight will help more in soundproofing. If we compare the weights, regular drapes weigh around 1.8 to 2.2 kgs (4 kgs max), while soundproofing curtains weigh around 5 to 10 kgs.

2. Thickness

It’s the most important trait of a true soundproof drape. A true soundproof curtain needs to be abnormally thick to efficiently absorb noise. The thickness of these soundproof drapes results in completely blocking away the sunlight from entering. In your school, you might have studied this concept “The thicker the material, the better the soundproofing.”

A Soundproofing curtain is usually 2 to 3 inches thick.

attributes of a soundproof curtain like weight

3. The Size

A soundproof curtain needs to cover the whole wall from the ceiling to the ground. It should be wider than your window’s dimensions, the wider it is, the more effective it will be as there will be more folds to efficiently absorb the sound. 

4. Material

Look for a tightly woven polyester, suede, or velvet curtain. These materials are made with extra fibres, giving the soundproof curtain the density it requires to function properly. 

5. Curtain Rails

Your existing rails might not support the weight of your new curtain because of its heavy weight. Buying new rails and mounting hooks is always a good idea if you are serious about soundproofing.

6. Layering

A high-quality soundproofing curtain is always made up of multiple layers. So, whenever you are going out to purchase one, then make sure you choose the one with more and more layers. Because more layers make the curtain thicker and heavier.

Soundproofing CurtainWeight Thickness
  –5 to 10 Kg2 to 3 inches thick

Some more Buying Advice

  • Buy 96’’ curtains: You will have a choice between 96’’ and 84’’ long drapes. For a proper floor to ceiling level, go for 96’’. Also, 96’’ curtain would make more sense aesthetically compared to 84’’.
  • Change regular curtain brackets: Instead of buying regular curtain brackets, buy ceiling mount curtain brackets. It would help in taking the curtain higher which results in much better soundproofing.
Ceiling mount curtain brackets image
  • Increase the Thickness: Choosing a curtain with more layers would provide more thickness and in this way the density between the room’s inside and the window will be increased.

Pros and Cons of Soundproofing Curtain 

Soundproof curtains may save you from irritating echoes in your house but they do have some distinct disadvantages. Let’s have a look at both the pros and cons.


  • Looks Better: Soundproof drapes are thicker, heavier, and tightly woven. The surface of soundproofing drapes is porous and thus they provide an elegance to the room that no regular curtain can match. 
  • Noise Reduction: The main benefit of soundproof drapes is that they absorb the extra noise in your room, eradicating echoing sound to a great extent. 
  • Cost-effective: Regular soundproof curtains come at a very reasonable price. You can install them at home for as low as a few hundred bucks. However, acoustic drapes cost a lot more but are more effective in dampening the sound. 
  • Thermal Insulation: Because of the heavy and thick material, soundproof drapes offer a good quality of thermal insulation as well.
  • Easy to Install: Other soundproofing materials like soundproof paint, panels, weatherstrips etc are quite hard to install but you can install soundproof drapes just like replacing regular ones.
  • Blackout Drapes: You’ll find most of the soundproofing drapes with blackout capabilities . So, these sound deadening drapes would not just help in reducing noise but also prevent sunlight entering the room.
  • Blocks Sunlight: You should not opt for soundproof drapes at all if you like natural light in your space. These thick and bulky drapes block sunlight completely which increases power consumption. However, it’s not a con for some people. Some people do love the darkness in their space. 
  • Privacy: If you don’t love privacy then you’re not my friend. Large glass windows are so much in trend these days, though they give you a perfect view but at the time you are compromising your privacy if you don’t have good curtains. By using these drapes you will make sure that you are not compromising your privacy for the sake of soundproofing.


  • Hard to Clean: Because of heavy weight, removing, reinstalling, and cleaning these bulky curtains are very tedious tasks to do. 
  • Blocks Sunlight: You should not opt for soundproofing drapes at all if you like natural light in your space. These thick and bulky drapes block sunlight completely which increases power consumption. However, it’s not a con for some people. Some people do love the darkness in their space. 

Best Soundproof curtains

NICETOWN is one of the most popular brands of soundproof curtains, they have quite a good reputation in the market and you can easily purchase their products on Amazon as well. Some other growing brands are AmazonBasics, LORDTEX, Deconovo, RYB Home and H.VERSAILTEX.

1. Nicetown

Each Blackout Curtain measures 52″ wide x 84″ long. The design of silver grommet (1.6-inch inner diameter) creates casual elegance for your house, which makes these drapes easy to install and slide.

nicetown soundproof curtain

Super heavy and soft Blackout Curtain Panels are very upmarket. Besides, 85%-99% light blocking, thermal insulated, soundproof, and energy-efficient. 

Material: Polyester

Read: Nicetown Soundproof Curtains Review

2. Amazon Basics

100% blackout curtain panels for blocking sunlight, UV rays, reducing outside noise, and ensuring total privacy in any room.

amazon basics white soundproof curtain

Material: Polyester

3. Lordtex

Each window drape measures 100-inch width by 84-inch length. 12 elegant silver metal grommets with 1.6-inch inner diameter, fit well with standard or decorative curtain rods, which makes the curtains easy to install and slide

lordtex soundproof curtain

Light blocking drapes are thick and heavy. Which can help reduce outside noise for bedroom and living room, and also can be used as a partition to block the view of the room and create a private space for you.

Material: Polyester

4. Deconovo

These thermally insulated curtains block out sunlight, balance temperature by insulating against summer heat and winter chill and reduce outside noise.  They also reduce outside noise, giving you a decent space to enjoy no matter how noisy your neighbours are.

deconovo soundproof curtain

Material: Polyester

5. RYB Home

Detachable felt fabric liner is in the middle of the 3 layers, which can absorb annoying noise. Soundproofing effect is influenced by your environment and personal feeling. 

ryb home soundproof curtain

Material: Polyester

Here’s the price for each of the curtain we discussed above:

S. No.BrandReview
1.NICETOWN5/5(Editor’s Choice)
2.Amazon Basics4.5/5
5.RYB Home4.5
Price list: soundproof curtain

What Should You Do to Actually Block Outside Noise? 

You might be disappointed knowing the true function of soundproofing curtains. Don’t worry, some ways allow you to actually reduce the outside noise coming from the outside. One of the most effective and feasible ways is replacing regular windows with soundproof ones. 

These soundproof windows completely seal the area when closed, drastically reducing the amount of outside noise entering the house. On top of that, you can install acoustic drapes for the best performance. 

Acoustic drapes are an upgraded version of soundproof drapes and therefore are very expensive but highly effective. 

Soundproofing Curtains Alternatives

Though soundproof curtains are one of the cheapest options, it’s not the best for sound cancellation. If you’re concerned about soundproofing rather than sound deadening then you should definitely check out these options:

  • Soundproof Windows

Regular windows have a very poor quality of glass which is not at all good for soundproofing. Soundproofing windows come with a special glass that doesn’t allow noise to come in. You can check out in detail about soundproof windows here.

  • Mass Loaded Vinyl (MVL)

MVL sheets are another alternative for soundproofing drapes. These sheets work anywhere around the room, be it door, ceiling or roof just install these sheets wherever you need them. These sheets are easily available on Amazon. 

mvl sheet roll
  • Soundproof Foam Panels

Like soundproof curtains foam panels are also used for sound absorption. These panels are easy to install and are very cheap at the same time. I recommend using acoustic panels along with soundproof drapes to improve the soundproofing in your room.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do thick curtains block out noise?

Yes. The thicker the curtain the better it is at blocking noise.

2. Do soundproof curtains work both ways?

Yes they do work both ways. In fact, most of the soundproofing materials work both ways. Other options like Soundproof Blankets also work the same.

3. Do curtains block street noise?

They’re not designed for this purpose. But if you place some thick and heavy acoustic drapes around the window then you might notice a dip of 2-3 dB.

4. Are blackout curtains the same as soundproofing curtain?

No. Both of them are different but you’ll find most of the soundproofing curtains have blackout feature because they are thicker and heavier.

5. What is an acoustic curtain?

Acoustic drapes are specifically designed for blocking outside noise entering a space. They are different from other ones as they are not just designed for absorbing sound.

6. Where can I use Soundproofing Curtains?

You can use them in offices, home, or even as a room divider.