Do soundproof panels keep noise out?

acoustic panels

Noisy neighborhood driving you crazy? Are you wondering if putting up soundproof panels will help you?  While soundproofing panels can help you in keeping some of the noises out, do not have the expectations of blocking them completely. Most soundproofing panels will cut down on echoing, but they cannot really stop the transfer of sounds.  … Read more

Acoustic Foam Panels vs Wall Panels | Which one to choose?

soundproof foam panels vs wall panels

When I was a beginner in soundproofing and was new to these soundproofing materials, soundproof foam panels and wall panels were the same things for me. It sounds ridiculous, right? How can someone just cannot differentiate between two different things with different names. Well, there‚Äôs a story behind that, if you go to amazon and … Read more