Does soundproofing foam actually work?

Foam is not enough to function well for Soundproofing because it has insufficient mass for sound blocking but is an excellent choice for sound absorption. As a result, the idea that acoustic foam is a soundproof foam is a myth! It’s shocking to find many sites and groups claiming that foam is a cost-effective and … Read more

9 DIY hacks to Soundproof a Floor easily

Let me tell you why soundproofing the floor is so crucial when it comes to removing unnecessary noise or echos from any room. We all know sound travels in the air and the more it travels, the more it disturbs you. The noise that enters the room beneath the door, travels along the floor around the … Read more

The Truth about Soundproof Blankets: Do They Work?

soundproof blankets blog image

The ever-growing topic of soundproofing is starting to get some real traction these days. In that case, using a soundproof blanket for soundproofing purposes is one of the most common and cheapest ways of doing the job.  However, do soundproof blankets even work? Or the hype surrounding these blankets is all for nothing. Let’s find … Read more

Is Soundproofing really Expensive in 2023? (Cost and Statistics)

Do you know, I soundproof my room for just $300? This amount seems quite affordable tho but let me tell you that this amount may vary from person to person depending on the requirements. Also, there are certain myths and misconceptions regarding the cost of soundproofing your house or a room. In this article, I … Read more