How thick do walls have to be to be soundproof?

How thick do walls have to be to be soundproof?

With noisy neighbors all around, are you looking for ways to get soundproof thick walls? Are you wondering how thick walls have to be to be soundproof?  According to experts, there is no simple solution to this. They claim that a wall’s thickness is only one factor in soundproofing, and a lot more is to … Read more

Is Drywall good for Soundproofing? (Cost & Types)

is drywall good for soundproofing

While standard drywall helps muffle the sound, it won’t entirely eliminate it. Most of the drywall’s solid core forms from gypsum, a calcium sulfate mineral utilized in construction projects. It results in a harder piece of drywall that vibrates in lockstep with sound, allowing noise to enter a closed space. There are several do-it-yourself (DIY) … Read more

Does soundproofing foam actually work?

Foam is not enough to function well for Soundproofing because it has insufficient mass for sound blocking but is an excellent choice for sound absorption. As a result, the idea that acoustic foam is a soundproof foam is a myth! It’s shocking to find many sites and groups claiming that foam is a cost-effective and … Read more

10 Easy Ways to Soundproof your Basement Ceiling

soundproof basement ceiling 2022

Soundproofing a basement ceiling may seem like rocket science, but it’s certainly not! With correct information and procedure, you can also soundproof your Ceiling and achieve a tranquil basement that blocks all sound vibrations. We are not talking about creating a hundred percent isolated basement here because it is not practically possible. In fact, in … Read more

9 DIY hacks to Soundproof a Floor easily

Let me tell you why soundproofing the floor is so crucial when it comes to removing unnecessary noise or echos from any room. We all know sound travels in the air and the more it travels, the more it disturbs you. The noise that enters the room beneath the door, travels along the floor around the … Read more

8 easy ways to Soundproof a Drum Room

soundproof a drum room

It’s only when a drum room is padded, can a drummer do justice to his art! With correct soundproof a drummer can transcend his good music into transcendent work. So, you surely have a drummer in your home and hence you have reached this question as to how to soundproof a drum room.  In fact, … Read more

The Truth about Soundproof Blankets: Do They Work?

soundproof blankets blog image

The ever-growing topic of soundproofing is starting to get some real traction these days. In that case, using a soundproof blanket for soundproofing purposes is one of the most common and cheapest ways of doing the job.  However, do soundproof blankets even work? Or the hype surrounding these blankets is all for nothing. Let’s find … Read more

Soundproof Generator Box: No More Disturbing Your Neighbors

Generators have been a part of our lives for decades but the concept of soundproof generator box first came up when people started doing a lot of Camping and Hiking as you know forests are a quiet place and you don’t want to disturb the silence out there. Also, the ever-increasing pace of technology has … Read more

21 Best Soundproof Room Dividers for 2023: Quiet Your Space

soundproof room dividers featured image

I tested over 100 different soundproof room dividers and in this article I’ve listed the best ones according to me. Obviously, I didn’t buy all of them and then tested them one-by-one, but I watched hundreds of videos, read hundreds of reviews and then concluded which one could be the best. I have also rated … Read more