13 Types of Door Sweeps (How to Choose?)

door sweep

There are five(5) main types of door sweeps: Magnetic, U-shaped Vinyl Sweep, Automatic Door Bottoms, Adhesive Backed and Interlocking sweep. In this article, we’ll look at a total of 13 different types and I promise you that by the end of this article, you’ll be able to choose the one that’s best for you. Doors … Read more

Is the sound louder upstairs or downstairs?

Although sound can still go upward, upstairs residents are typically less likely to notice noise from lower-floor flats. Additionally, loud noises can readily be carried to apartments on the same floor. When it comes to hearing sounds and background noise, apartment living differs from living in a single-attached home. We must delve deeper into sound … Read more

7 ways to Soundproof a Room Without a Door

It may appear strange to have a room without a door, but it can be possible. Perhaps the room is still undergoing renovations, in which case it is currently without a door, or maybe it was originally intended to serve as an open-plan space. If installing an actual door on the doorway is not a … Read more

How to build a Soundproof Room within a Room?

Have you ever wished for a way to lessen the noise entering your bedroom, workplace, or recording studio from the outside or from the room next to yours? You can make a room quiet and peaceful using different methods and materials. You might need to look into more complex techniques if you really want to … Read more

Can you wash acoustic foam? (How to Dry)

Acoustic foam might get dirty if your room is prone to dust. Foam is not just about improving the room’s acoustics but it also impacts the aesthetics. Dirty foam panels will not look good on the walls and cleaning them is must if you want to maintain the beauty of your space. So, the question … Read more

How good are Soundproof Curtains?(Soundproof Test)

How good are Soundproof Curtains?

Do you have regular curtains and you want to replace them with soundproof curtains? I have seen a lot of people using soundproofing curtains in their bedrooms because they live in city areas, and there’s traffic noise all day. Some use them in home theaters to block and absorb sound while some people use these … Read more

Is Soundproof Foam Worth It? (Foam Box Test)

is soundproof foam worth it

Soundproof foam is a porous, soft material that captures sound by converting it to heat through friction. This means that sound waves will be absorbed by soundproof foam panels rather than bouncing off painted walls or other flat surfaces. While in situations where there’s too much noise to be blocked, you may not find soundproof … Read more

Do soundproof panels keep noise out?

acoustic panels

Noisy neighborhood driving you crazy? Are you wondering if putting up soundproof panels will help you?  While soundproofing panels can help you in keeping some of the noises out, do not have the expectations of blocking them completely. Most soundproofing panels will cut down on echoing, but they cannot really stop the transfer of sounds.  … Read more

Sound deadening vs Sound blocking

Well, when we talk about soundproofing some people confuse it with sound deadening while other confuse it with sound blocking. But it’s very important to understand the difference between the two. I know it’s a very short article but the importance of this article cannot be justified with it’s length. If I were to start … Read more

Is Drywall good for Soundproofing? (Cost & Types)

is drywall good for soundproofing

While standard drywall helps muffle the sound, it won’t entirely eliminate it. Most of the drywall’s solid core forms from gypsum, a calcium sulfate mineral utilized in construction projects. It results in a harder piece of drywall that vibrates in lockstep with sound, allowing noise to enter a closed space. There are several do-it-yourself (DIY) … Read more