The 14 Best Soundproof Curtains for a Quieter 2023

While curtains are frequently used to block light and give a space a beautiful feel, soundproof curtains also serve another purpose. Although curtains won’t be able to soundproof a room completely, a good set of noise-canceling curtains can make a big difference.

Choosing the ideal curtain depends on whether you value cost, the amount of soundproofing, the look, and feel, or other functions like thermal and light blocking.

We have made this list of the best soundproof curtains as per the user reviews, ratings and some testing. Check it out to land at the best option.


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Top 14 Soundproof Curtains 2023

These are best soundproof curtains for: Studio, Doors, Home Theaters and Room Divider Curtains.

Soundproof Curtains for Studio

1. NICETOWN Soundproof Curtains

Each package has two panels. The curtains are simple to install and slide because of the distinctive silver grommet’s (1.6-inch inner diameter) casual elegance for your home.

They are the only true blackout curtains available. The sound-absorbing capacity of these curtains is two times greater than that of a typical set of 1 layer curtains, ensuring that you are never bothered by noise.

nicetown soundproof curtains

All double-layered draperies are made of triple-weave blackout fabric, which maintains a comfortable temperature by protecting against both summer and winter chill.

2. RYB HOME Soundproof Curtains

There are two panels totaling 104 inches in the package—grey layers on the front and back, with a detachable felt fabric lining in the middle. The center layer of the three layers has a removable felt fabric liner that can muffle sounds.

ryb home soundproofing curtain

Thanks to the triple weave blackout fabric’s three-layer design, it can totally block out harsh light and UV rays. By protecting against both winter chill and summer heat, they also contribute to maintaining a stable indoor temperature.

3. Deconovo 100% Blackout, Linen Soundproof Curtains

100% blackout curtains made of a luxurious linen fabric on both sides.

Simple, natural, and long-lasting faux linen fabric makes the curtains. The curtain panel looks beautiful from the opposite side of the window because both sides are the same color. There are eight silver metal grommets on top of each curtain panel, giving your home a touch of casual elegance.

deconovo 3 layers curtains

Blackout curtain panels that are incredibly soft and hefty are highly upscale. In addition, they are energy-efficient, soundproof, thermally insulated, and light-blocking. Both sides are the same color, wrinkle-free, and thread-trimmed.

They help you save money on heating and cooling your house while also protecting your furniture and outdoor flooring. The main advantage is that it gives you a restful night’s sleep, providing you with energy all day.

4. Moon Dream Soundproof Curtains

The soundproof curtains from Moondream are 100% Blackout, dampen the noise by upto -7 dB, and provide thermal insulation upto 37%. Three-Layered Curtain, designed with a special technology which is also patented in United States.

moondream white colored curtain

There are four size variants available and you can also place a custom offer as per your requirements.

5. HLC.ME Dakota 100% Complete Full Blackout Lined Drapery

Two layers provide the maximum blocking of whatever you try to keep out. Single-Layer drapes can only partially block light, heat, or cold; these elements can still pass through the sides of your drapes.

Using these drapes, you can reduce your energy costs by a factor of two.

blackout drapery soundproof

These long, elegant curtains have a high-quality opulent look that won’t fade in the sun or after a few washes because they are made of durable, heavy-duty polyester fabric.

These blackout curtain panels employ a thermal lining fabric that completely blocks out light to provide a dark, peaceful haven for seclusion and slumber.

Soundproof Curtains for Door

6. XTMYI Doorway Privacy, Portable Door Cover Curtain

The curtain panel pack is 42 inches wide. It is made of thick, heavy microfiber polyester that is perfectly woven with black yarn inside to provide 90 to 100% blackout, complete privacy, and significant thermal insulation when the curtain is closed as opposed to when it is folded open. Soundproof curtains also lessen noise from the outside or adjacent rooms.

doorway soundproof curtain

The fabric is also waterproof, making it incredibly strong and suitable for patio curtains, sun shades in gazebos and sunrooms, and even an insulating shower curtain in the winter.

7. DCUINS Thermal Insulated Door Curtain

This is a three-layered blackout curtain which is specifically designed for insulating the door. These curtains could be installed over temporary doors, balcony doors, attic doors, and porches where long-lasting insulation is needed.

brown colored door soundproof curtains

Two size variants are available on Amazon: 30 x 80 inch & 32 x 80 inch.

8. Arrowzoom Door Soundproofing Kit

This is not a curtain but a door soundproofing kit that includes acoustic panels and other materials that attach to the door.

Kit includes:

  • Acoustic Polyester Soundproof Panels
  • 5 Meter Door Seal Weather Strip
  • 1 pc Wood Polyester Fabric Panel Cutter
arrowzoom door soundproofing kit

I included this one because this kit is very effective for sound proofing a door. A solid soundproof door is very expensive and most of us cannot afford it. This kit is quite affordable and provides great results.

Best Soundproof Curtains for Home Theater

9. BEDSURE 100% Blackout Curtains

These triple-woven curtains are completely blackout. These 100% blackout curtains’ three layers are skillfully woven to block light and keep your room warm. The full blackout curtain is the ideal choice in window coverings for anyone who wants to block out light while sleeping, watching TV, or taking a nap.

bedtime soundproof curtains

They have a lovely, silky texture that gives any space in your house—the living room, study, or bedroom—an exquisite appearance. Bedroom-darkening drapes reduce light and noise while preserving a cozy temperature throughout the year. The blackout window curtain offers maximum seclusion, which filters light and prevents passersby from seeing inside.

10. StrangH Extra Long Velvet Blackout Drapes

These luxurious velvet curtains may provide privacy and prevent the majority of sunlight and ultraviolet rays from creating a dark, warm environment for watching TV or resting. Your room will seem luxurious and stylish thanks to the well-made, soft, silky, and extremely pleasant-to-the-touch high-velvet curtains.

velvet soundproof drapes

Insulated curtains reduce energy costs while protecting your flooring, furniture, and artwork from the sun’s rays and balancing the temperature of the space by keeping out summer heat and winter chill.

11. Romantex Linen Full Blackout Curtain

Night shift workers and those who are sensitive to light should use these curtains. They are practical and nevertheless sturdy, and the cloth is traditional.

These brand-new, cutting-edge blackout window panels, typically employed in opulent hotels, can block out 100% of light and quiet down by 30%. They are the Cross weave flax linen blend curtains, which give any room a soft texture.

romantex soundproof drapes

The linen texture creates a naturally speckled appearance that perfectly complements the curtain. These traditional window coverings include superior thermal insulation, room darkening, noise reduction, energy efficiency, and privacy protection.

These can shield your artwork and furniture from UV rays and intense sunshine.

12. BUHUA White Black Out Curtains

There are two-panel sets of blackout curtains in each bundle. These drapes that block out sunlight can minimize glare by 85–95%. Each window curtain is silky, velvety, and soft to the touch, including a silver foil branch design.

white blackout curtains

In addition to balancing indoor temperatures in summer and winter, the sun-zero blackout curtains’ materials also help to muffle noise from nearby streets or noisy neighbors.

Best Soundproof Room Divider Curtains

13. BONZER Room Divider Curtain 

Each set has a single curtain panel, and each window covering is 108 inches wide by 84 inches long. The front and back of this room-darkening curtain are the same color.

They are made of 100% polyester fabric and in an OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified factory using a tough, supple, triple-weave blackout fabric that blocks 90% of sunlight and UV radiation. Darker hues do better.

room divider soundproof curtain

Curtains that block off light are heavy and thick, and this can be used as a divider to obscure the view of the room and create a private place for you as well as a means of reducing outside noise in the bedroom and living room.

These curtains can be utilized as blackout curtains for sliding glass doors, fitting room curtains, wardrobe curtains, or photography backdrops in addition to creating private space in city lofts, apartments, shared bedrooms, offices, storage areas, studios, dorms, classrooms, etc.

14. Loyala Blackout Curtains 

These bedroom curtains are incredibly silky and soft because of the superior Triple – Weaved technology and high-quality 100% polyester fabric. You’ll appreciate the touch sensation, and there are no strange chemical smells. You didn’t know how useful Loyala blackout window treatments were until you had some.

The cutting-edge Triple-Weaved technology guarantees that sunlight and UV rays can be blocked by up to 99%. The ability of blackout will be better the darker the hue.

blackout room divider soundproof curtain

They are thick enough to stop energy from transferring from interior to outdoor spaces, so whether it is chilly outside or hot inside could save you money on air conditioning costs.

These noise-canceling curtains could shield your furniture and exposed electrical equipment from the sun and absorb outside noise, enhancing the quality of your family’s and your sleep.

IKEA Soundproof Curtains

There are not many soundproof curtains available on IKEA, here’s the only one which is effective for soundproofing.

GUNNLAUG Sound absorbing curtain: made from a specific fabric, a stylish curtain capable of absorbing sound and many other qualities.

ikea soundproof curtain


  1. Do noise reducing curtains really work?

Yes, noise-reducing curtains work effectively to reduce the noise entering a room. Though noise-reducing curtains will not completely remove the noise.

2. Do soundproof curtains keep noise in?

Soundproof curtains are capable of keeping the noise inside a room. But these curtains are not 100% soundproof, other soundproofing materials will be required for better results.

3. Do blackout curtains block out noise?

All Blackout Curtains does not block out noise. Only Blackout Curtains with soundproofing abilities will help in blocking out sounds.

4. Are blinds or curtains better for soundproofing?

Both Blinds and Curtains can help with soundproofing depending upon the material, thickness, density and other factors.