Top 10 Quietest Drum Practice Pads 2023

Looking for a quiet drum practice pad that won’t disturb your neighbors or roommates? We’ve got you covered with our top 10 list of the quietest drum practice pads for 2023. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, finding a drum practice pad that produces minimal noise is essential for private practice sessions.

In this article, I’ll be sharing my top 10 picks for the quietest drum practice pads available in 2023. Whether you’re practicing at home or in a shared space, these pads are sure to provide a satisfying drumming experience without disrupting others around you. So, let’s dive in and find the perfect quiet practice pad for your needs.

Our list includes the latest models from popular brands such as Movement Drum Co, Zildjian, Vic Firth, Evans, SJC, Tama, Remo, Ahead, Drumeo, and Prologix Percussion. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of quietest drum practice pads and find the perfect one for your needs.

Drum PadSound LevelPlaying FeelPortabilityDurabilityPrice
Movement Drum Co Practice PadVery quietRealisticHighly portableGoodCheck Price
Zildjian Reflexx Conditioning PadVery quietRealisticHighly portableGoodCheck Price
Vic Firth Double-Sided Practice PadQuietRealisticHighly portableGoodCheck Price
Evans RealFeel 2-Sided Drum Practice PadQuietRealisticHighly portableGoodCheck Price
SJC Josh Dun Practice PadQuietRealisticModerately portableGoodCheck Price
Tama True Touch Training AAD Snare PadQuietRealisticHighly portableGoodCheck Price
Remo Tunable Practice PadModerateRealisticHighly portableGoodCheck Price
Ahead S-Hoop Marching Practice PadModerateRealisticModerately portableExcellentCheck Price
Drumeo P4 Practice PadModerateVersatileHighly portableGoodCheck Price
Prologix Russ Miler Signature Practice PadQuiet-ModerateVersatileHighly portableExcellentCheck Price

Best Drum Pads 2023

1. Movement Drum Co Practice Pad

This Movement Drum Co practice pad distinguishes itself from any other classic pad. As you open the package, you’ll discover three pieces: the pad, a clear plastic component, and a rubber insert. The pad is 12′′ in diameter and has two sides, one with a softer playing surface than the other.

Overall, they have left a positive impact on us! In addition to being a practice pad, it has plastic rims that closely resemble those of a marching snare drum.

movement practice pad

The thick rubber insert is well-suited to the pad. When you play it, it feels more like a genuine drum than a practice pad. This function is critical because practice pads frequently replicate an artificial feel and provide naturally unattainable rebound.

The top does not have a raw rubber finish, and it has the feel of the fabric and an outstanding appearance while still being smooth.

What do we like?

  • Practice pad with extra inserts on both sides for various playing styles
  • 12′′ practice pads, significantly more compact and portable than bigger pads
  • It is possible to replicate rim shots and clicks thanks to the included plastic rims

What do we not like?

  • The pad costs a little more than similar products
  • The pad is somewhat cumbersome to transport

2. Zildjian Reflexx Conditioning Pad

Drummers can get resistance practice pads from the company Reflexx. Although the company had already achieved great success on its own, Zildjian bought the company, which led to a considerable increase in pad manufacturing.

Reflexx pads look quite modern. Many professional drummers utilize these because of how attractive they appear when mounted on a snare drum stand. You can choose between a 6-inch and a 10-inch model, but the 10-inch model is unquestionably the superior choice. On the surface, there is plenty of room for playing, but it is still compact enough to fit into a backpack for travel.

You get two playable surfaces with the Reflexx Conditioning Pad, its major feature. The Flexx side is the name given to one side. It feels like what most drummers anticipate from a practice pad, and it has more rebound and is a rather firm surface.

zildjan pad

The other side is known as the Workk side. Here, the fabric is much softer and has nearly no bounce. It is designed to improve hand speed without depending on the rebound during resistance exercises.

The Reflexx pads’ resistance side first gained popularity, and playing on it was a wonderful experience. You may practice on this surface to avoid others hearing your pad work because it is also quite soft, making it a fantastic option for nighttime practice.

Previously, these Reflexx pads would be issued alongside product drops before production was temporarily halted. This increased its popularity, and the acquisition of Zildjian has expanded its distribution. They still need to be more common, though, as most other well-liked practice pads are available.

What do we like?

  • One of the best accessible practice pads
  • There are two top-notch playing surfaces available
  • Convenient size while still being portable

What do we not like?

  • Quite pricey for a practice pad

3. Vic Firth Double-Sided Practice Pad

Vic Firth’s entry into the drum practice pad market is up next. It is a well-designed, long-lasting practice pad of the highest caliber. It has two different playing surfaces that let you choose between a training pad and a light, bouncy, cushioned pad that is ideal for mastering fundamentals and control.

This practice pad plays with great responsiveness and articulation on both sides. While the harsher plastic side simulates playing a marching snare drum, the softer rubber side simulates a concert snare drum.

vic firth pad

This practice pad is built very well, and because it operates silently, you won’t have to bother anyone while you practice.

It’s a good-sized pad that provides a realistic snare drum-playing experience while still being small and light enough to fit in a bag and travel anywhere!

What do we like?

  • Great playing response, weight, and build
  • Portable and quiet

What do we not like?

  • Pricey compared to Evans practice pad

4. Evans RealFeel 2-Sided Drum Practice Pad

This pad is amazingly adaptable and crafted in the USA from premium materials. 

There are two playing surfaces on the pad. Natural gum is used on one side to create a genuine drumming rebound. The other side is recycled rubber, which is naturally tougher and has less rebound. This makes it a terrific training pad because it forces you to work harder!

evans practice pad

It’s fun to play with the pad on both sides, and it’s silent. In other words, you won’t have to worry about annoying anyone as you practice. This is the best drum practice pad available, and you may use it wherever you like to improve your control and speed.

What do we like?

  • Excellent construction
  • Value for the money
  • Two different playing fields

What do we not like?

  • NA

5. SJC Josh Dun Practice Pad

This practice pad for drums was created by the fantastic custom drum manufacturer SJC Drums. It measures 12′′ in diameter with a 10′′ playing area and has twenty-one pilots branding on it. The pad is well made and, in terms of quality, is on par with the Drumeo practice pad.

sjc custom drums

Due to the Josh Dun practice pad’s single-sided design, not all of its capabilities are available. This is the ideal gift if you know a drummer who likes twenty-one pilots’ music.

What do we like?

  • Elegant design
  • Extremely high-quality components
  • Sturdy construction

What do we not like?

  • More useful to band fans than actual drummers
  • Practice pad with one side

6. Tama True Touch Training AAD Snare Pad

Tama’s Real Touch set is one of the most recent practice drum kits to hit the market. It addresses several problems found in other practice kits, making it a fantastic alternative to use when you can’t play loudly on your primary set.

Tama gives you the option of purchasing the snare drum from that kit separately if you only need a single practice pad. Because of its many qualities that other practice pads lack, the AAD Snare Pad is a fantastic choice.

tama practice pad

To make the strike zone feel as realistic and responsive as possible, various materials were used to create it. You can also use a drum key to tighten or relax the surface tension on the Tama True Touch Training AAD Snare Pad.

You may adjust the tension to match your acoustic snare drum preference using this pad and obtain the same reaction.

Metal pieces inside the pad provide a snare buzz. With a practice pad configuration, you can use it as a snare drum and play with the real snare buzz.

What do we like? 

  • Tunable drumhead and realistic snare drum response
  • Amazing construction
  • It easily fits on a stand or tabletop.

What do we not like? 

  • Expensive and unable to turn off the snare buzz

7. Remo Tunable Practice Pad

The top drumhead manufacturer in the world, Remo, has succeeded in creating a practice pad of the highest caliber. This practice pad for drums includes a genuine Remo drumhead that can be tuned like a real drumhead. You may modify the level of bounce you experience when playing it by adjusting how tight the skin is.

This drum pad is fantastic since it offers a playing experience that is as real life as possible! It is the ideal tool for a drummer who is getting older and wants to improve his hand coordination and quickness at home or while traveling.

remo tunable practice pad

Built with sturdy materials, the Remo adjustable practice pad includes a protective rubber bottom for non-slip use. Moreover, mounting it on a stand is an option.

Nonetheless, due to its small diameter, it is the most portable drum practice pad. And despite the inexpensive cost, it is expertly made, and of the high caliber you would expect from Remo USA.

What do we like?

  • Believable playing reaction
  • Incredibly portable and light-weight
  • Mountable on a cymbal stand 

What do we not like? 

  • Somewhat noisier to play
  • Overall cheaper-feeling pad

8. Ahead S-Hoop Marching Practice Pad

The Ahead S-Hoop Marching Snare Practice Pad is built out of sturdy materials and has a distinctive shape miming the sound of a marching snare drum. Moreover, this drum pad has a distinctive steel S-Hoop that can withstand powerful rimshots without harm.

ahead practive drum stick

This pad is a dream to play with, and the rim produces excellent rimshots with a clear and distinct tone. The interchangeable carbon-fiber playing surface has a Kevlar head-like feel to it.

This trap is heavy and strong. This product’s high manufacturing quality is evident, and playing with the practice pad is a genuine pleasure. It serves as an excellent acoustic drum set substitute for practice.

What do we like?

  • Excellent construction
  • Fantastic rim shots!
  • Size 14″ for an authentic experience

What do we not like?

  • High price tag
  • There is only one playing surface.

9. Drumeo P4 Practice Pad

You can practice your rudiments and chops on this pad, which also features four separate play zones.

There is a large blue section to emulate the snare drum feel. A hard black rubber intended to resemble a high tom is located one step higher on the left. Compared to the blue section, it is more responsive and has a little more bounce.

A white surface that is supposed to feel more like a floor tom is located to the right and is far less responsive than the previous two pads.

drumeo p4 practice pad

The highly tough top orange pad is intended to resemble a ride cymbal or a tough Kevlar drum head often found on marching snare drums.

We adore it since Drumeo is the only manufacturer of a drum practice pad with this much versatility.

What do we like?

  • Includes four distinct playing zones that represent various drum kit components.
  • Any normal snare drum stand will accommodate the pad.

What do we not like?

  • For a beginner, it is a little pricey.
  • Playing a full drum set will still be very different despite the various playing surfaces.

10. Prologix Percussion Russ Miler Signature Practice Pad

The Prologix Russ Miller Practice Pad has three different playing surfaces and is up next. The materials used to construct this drum pad make it the most durable and high-quality practice pad currently on the market.

Red gum rubber is the base layer and provides a natural stick response. This is perfect for practicing and warming up all around. The blue lightning insert eliminates drumstick rebound, making it an excellent exercise pad. Playing on this pad can help you develop your strength and stamina.

Lastly, the textured white insert simulates the sensation of a coated drum head, making it ideal for brush practice.

prologix drum pad

This drum practice pad is quite well made, and it sits on top of a Baltic birch foundation that feels very premium. Moreover, it provides a high degree of toughness and longevity.

The Prologix Russ Miller practice pad can be mounted in a variety of ways. It can maintain its position on a tabletop because of the non-slip bottom. As an alternative, snare arms can fit in the notched tripod stand receivers in the base!

What do we like? 

  • Playing fields with various reactions
  • Many mounting options
  • High-quality design and feel

What do we not like? 

  • Expensive practice pad for the drums
  • Can’t play on many surfaces at once


  1. Are drum practice pads loud?

Drum practice pads can produce varying levels of noise, depending on the type and construction of the pad. Some practice pads can be loud, especially if they are made with harder materials, while others are designed to be quieter.

2. Are drum practice pads quiet?

Yes, drum practice pads can be quiet, especially if they are made with materials that are designed to reduce noise. Many manufacturers make practice pads specifically with quietness in mind.

3. How can I practice drums quietly?

There are several ways to practice drums quietly, such as using electronic drums, using mesh heads or low-volume cymbals, or placing pads or towels on top of acoustic drums. Another option is to use practice pads made specifically to reduce noise.

4. What can I use instead of a drum practice pad?

If you don’t have access to a drum practice pad, there are several household items that can be used instead, such as pillows, couch cushions, or even books. These items can be placed on top of a hard surface to simulate the feel of a drum practice pad. Additionally, you can practice on a surface that produces a similar rebound, such as a tabletop or a rubber mat.

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