What are Soundproof Curtains?

The first question that striked my mind when I first heard of soundproof curtains was, “How can a curtain be soundproof?.” I know most of you might have the same question if you’re hearing this thing for the first time.

There are a few more question that you might have, like,

Do soundproof curtains exist?

Do soundproof curtains really work?,

And the most important one for this article,

What are Soundproof curtains?

We’ll answer many other questions in this article but for those who are here for a direct answer.

Soundproof Curtains are made up of multiple layers of fabric (more than 2 layers) and have heavy material that helps in blocking the noise entering through your windows. These curtains also help in reducing the echo and absorbing the noise within the room but only at high frequencies.

Soundproof Curtains vs Regular Curtains

The major difference between a soundproof curtain and a regular curtain is the material used and the number of layers. Soundproof curtains have more layers and are more thick and heavy as compared to regular curtains.

soundproof curtains vs regular curtains
soundproof curtains vs regular curtains

Are soundproof curtains the same as blackout curtains?

No! Soundproof curtains are not the same as blackout curtains. Though most of them are blackout curtains, all blackout curtains are not soundproof.

If you go to one of the most popular curtain brands in the US called “Nicetown,” you’ll find them selling soundproof curtains and blackout curtains separately.

All of the soundproof curtains are Blackout but all Blackout Curtains are not Soundproof.

What is a soundproof curtain made of?

As we discussed earlier, soundproof curtains usually have more than two layers. In a three-layered soundproof curtain, two-layers are made of “polymer”, while the middle layer is made of “Mass Loaded Vinyl.

But this three layer concept is not fixed. It may vary from brand to brand. You should definitely check the material and number of layers before buying one.

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Soundproof Curtain Test

A YouTube channel called “Soundproofing Guide” performed a test to check the performance of soundproof curtains. They used soundproof curtains from NICETOWN. These were the observations:

S. No.White NoiseNoise after installing regular CurtainsNoise after installing NICETOWN soundproof Curtains
(with open door)73 dB72 dB66 dB
(with closed door)54 dB57 dB51 dB
soundproof curtain test

From the observations we noticed that for louder sounds soundproof curtains can reduce the noise by up to 7 db. Also, with closed doors (and curtains on) we observed a very surprising result with regular curtains, instead of reducing the noise regular curtains increased it.

So, it can be clearly seen that soundproof curtains alone do work very well with blocking noise. And along with it, the Nicetown soundproof curtain’s blackout properties are quite outstanding.

Benefits of Soundproof Curtains

Other than soundproofing, these curtains do offer some really nice features. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Soundproof Curtains are Blackout Curtains

Most of the soundproof curtains are blackout curtains while all blackout curtains are not soundproof. So, these sound deadening curtains would not just help in reducing noise but also prevent sunlight entering the room.

Soundproof Curtains are for those who wish to blackout the windows along with sound blocking. For example, you can use them in Hotels, Home theaters, Studios or Apartments where you can’t do much about windows.

  • Block Cold Winds

Along with blocking light, because of their heavy weight and thick materials used, these curtains also block hot air or cold winds entering the room providing you with an insulation upto some extent.

  • Offer Privacy

If you don’t love privacy then you’re not my friend. Large glass windows are so much in trend these days, though they give you a perfect view but at the time you are compromising your privacy if you don’t have good curtains. By using these curtains you will make sure that you are not compromising your privacy for the sake of soundproofing.

Nicetown curtain liner customization options
Nicetown curtain liner customization options

Where to buy Soundproof Curtains?

There are plenty of brands selling soundproof curtains and most of them are selling trash. It’s not very hard to fall into the trap and buy a regular curtain with the label of soundproofing.

Amazon is a very go-to option when we think of buying soundproof curtains and you can buy it from there. Just check out the ratings and the reviews before buying one.

Another great option that I would recommend is Nicetown, they are one of the biggest curtain brands worldwide. The best thing about them is that they offer tons of customization options that you won’t find anywhere else.

You can buy Nicetown Soundproof curtains from Amazon as well but you can’t customize your order if you order from Amazon.

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Soundproof curtains help in blocking the sound but don’t expect them to block all the noise for you. As we saw in the test, these curtains helped in reducing 7 dB, it’s not too much but we couldn’t have asked for more from a curtain. These curtains also help in noise absorption and reducing echo but only at higher frequencies.


  1. Do soundproof curtains exist?

Yes! Soundproof curtains do exist, but many companies are selling regular curtains with the label of soundproofing. So, make sure you don’t fall in their trap.

  1. Do Soundproof Curtains really work?
    Yes, Soundproof Curtains do work effectively, but not as a noise blocker, they work like sound deadeners which means they don’t block external sounds but rather deadens the echo or any other internal noise.