Are Hotels Soundproof? (Find Soundproof Hotels 2023)

After a tiring journey, when you book a hotel room, all you want is a peaceful and sound sleep. However, the idea may seem vague because of the constant noise that may hit your ears. Be it the slamming of the doors, people outside your room, the machines, and whatnot. All this may push you to wonder if hotels have soundproof walls?  

Most of the hotels do offer soundproof walls but the doors and windows may not be soundproof, which means your sound will not transfer through the wall to the adjacent room but person outside the room might hear loud noises through door or windows. 

In the whole article, I have used the term “soundproofing” or “soundproof,” different people take out different meanings out of these terms. So, let me make it clear that soundproofing anything (like a room) means isolating that particular space and blocking all the external noises entering the room.

But making a room fully soundproof is a very expensive process and it’s only used by professions for eg. recording studios. While when common people like me and you talk about soundproofing, we don’t think of soundproofing like isolating the space, but instead we see it as how good a room can be at blocking external sound (and it’s never 100 per cent).

A study Journal of Hospitality shows different noise problems faced by tourists in hotels.

Common noise problems in hotels that affect the quality of sleep
Common noise problems in hotels that affect the quality of sleep

Are Hotels Soundproof?

There are several hotels and motels that understand the need for silent rooms so the guests can have sound sleep and a noise-free experience inside the room. Although you may not be able to completely avoid the probability of the noise based on the customer reviews and online websites, you can definitely cut down on the probability of getting such a room. 

So, the question arises, why are some hotel rooms soundproof while others do not and what brings this difference?

The materials used in the making of the soundproof hotel walls are the key to this difference. Not every sort of material used in the making of the walls can restrict the noise of the hallways or the machines nearby. 

What makes a hotel room soundproof? 

Let’s see all that goes into making a hotel room soundproof-

  • Insulation

Insulation acts as a major barrier to the sounds coming from outside a room. The waves of sound are controlled if the insulation has been installed properly. For instance, fiberglass and mineral wool are some of the leading examples of insulation materials that smartly absorbs noise.

To understand the significance of insulation in two adjacent hotel rooms, watch this YouTube video on how insulation can be a great soundproofing solution. 

hotel walls sound insulation solution
  • Decoupling

Decoupling is an opposite concept compared to traditional walls. Old style walls of a room had a single wall be it a thick or a thin wall. However, with the emerging concept of soundproof rooms, the walls are now decoupled.
Here, the walls are divided into two parts with thick materials used in their making. Between these two walls lie the insulation material to block the noise. Such a wall limits the entrance of sound inside the room to a great extent. 

  • Damping

Damping acts as a dead panel as it cuts on the vibrations created by the outside noise. So, having damping in the walls can further help in reducing the noise. 

  • Thick Material

Some hotel rooms may not have used insulation techniques and still be a part of the soundproof hotel rooms. How is that? Well, using heavy and thick material in the making of the walls can reduce noise to a great extent. 

As a hotel owner, should you go for hotel soundproofing?

A soundproof hotel can be significant, both for the customer/ guest as well as the hotel owner. 

As a hotel owner/ manager, you may have often heard your guests complain about next room noises, housekeeping activities, or the rattling of other guests in the hall. If your customers have had a restless stay, they may not come back again, which can often affect your business negatively.

Soundproofed rooms, on the other hand, will offer your guests a far more relaxed and superior experience. You can surely expect an improvement in the publicity as well as the revenue. 

Here’s how to install acoustic-soundproofing panels inside your hotel room or elsewhere. Make note of the small tips that can go a long way. 

how to install acoustic insulation on the walls

How to find a Soundproof Hotel? 

Finding soundproof hotels may totally sound like a matter of luck. Although the role of luck cannot be denied, that’s not the only way to get your hands on an ideal hotel room. You can also follow a few tips and tricks to find the best one possible. Here are some pro tips-

  • Avoid stairways

Stairways are obvious to create noise, and this is something you may not be able to control. Hence, it is better to have rooms that are away from stairways or any common area of the hotel.

  • Skip rooms near machines

There are several machines in a hotel like those in the lift, kitchen, inventory, etc. So, if you have an option, do not opt for a room near machines to avoid unnecessary vibrations and noise in the room

  • Cheap is not always wise

Quite obvious is the fact that the cheaper the hotel room, the lower will be its facilities and services. Hence, if facilities like soundproof hotel walls are your priority, do not go for very cheap hotels as they may not offer soundproof walls

  • Inspect the room

While you are booking a hotel offline, make sure you inspect the room before paying. People may sometimes tend to skip this step, considering the room to be a good choice. However, you may get to know things once you inspect the room yourself.

  • Avoid adjoining rooms

If possible, do not go for a room that has an adjoining door with the other room. The common wall may increase the chances of nearby noises in your room.

  • Choose an off-city hotel

The city will be noisy, and it has justified reasons. However, in order to stay peacefully and off from city noise, try to look for hotels that are situated far from the main city.

  • Find Luxury Hotels

For those you can afford it, you can read blogs like ALuxuryTravelBlog for finding luxury hotels wherever you’re travelling.

Wrapping Up

Imagine paying for a hotel more than your budget and still landing in a room with constant noise. Well, that sounds like quite bad luck. Averting this is possible only when you keep in mind a few considerations as discussed above, like checking the room yourself, avoiding a room near stairs or machines, etc.

In most instances, you have to make a choice between the cost of the hotel room and the facilities provided. 
Let me know in the comment section below, if you have any story to share regarding the hotel room soundproofing.


  1. Do all hotels have soundproof rooms?
    It depends on the type of hotel that you stay in. In most cases, a cheaper hotel might not include soundproof rooms. But luxury hotel rooms would offer you soundproof walls.
  2. What are some easy ways to reduce sound transfer in a hotel room?
    To ensure that your customers have a happy and pleasant stay, you can:
    1. Install insulation/ soundproofing solutions
    2. Place your furniture against walls to block sounds
    3. Add a set of drywall
    4. Use heavy drapes/ curtains
    5. Use rugs and carpets


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